Username change not registered

Today I purchased a name change on the roblox website to change to a Festive name which was “Santa_KingBob” Recently I have just noticed that I was getting kicked out of roblox games from roblox and decided to test on my games to see that it wasn’t a mistake. I have found out right after that the game sometimes did not register the name within the game making the roblox game kick me from there. Afterwards, my friend informed me that she saw that my original name was displayed on her homepage as shown below:
Afterwards she click on my profile and found this:
The the first image was taken 5 minutes prior to the second image

I have never experienced this bug when changing this name and it started kicking me 7 hours after I changed my name. I would like to know if there is a solution to solving this issue, I am fine with changing my name back but I am concerned that maybe it could affect other users.

I have joined a game to show the issue:
This is the website:

This is in-game:


likely happens because roblox’s webservers have cached your previous name and/or the name hasnt completely propagated to others. you’ll probably be fine in a day or so when roblox’s web server cache clears. one of the accelerators ran into this same issue and they’re aware of it.


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