Username Filtering Upgrade

This is one of the few circumstances where I support the filter and want it enhanced.

Currently, it is nearly impossible for members of my group to have a disturbance-free experience without having to ban newly-made accounts every five seconds because people think its hilarious to bypass the filter and make stupid usernames. I would post examples but given this is a public section of the forum, I will not.

The point here is, I’m proposing that the filter specifically for usernames gets enhanced. People are getting away with bypassing the filter and making disgusting usernames; the moderators of my community are tired of having to ban them consistently (25 bans in under 5 minutes, for example) and I’m sure the effect is felt in other places.


It’s already different at the moment because otherwise it would be too sensitive

Right now ROBLOX is working on a middle ground where it’s not too light but not too harsh (as it is right now)
If they apply it to usernames, they want to make sure that the signup process is as streamlined as possible, so that users don’t leave due to being frustrated with creating a username.


Problem is that with profanity there is no middle ground… it either is inappropriate or it isn’t. It must be a pretty hard task to prevent all possible inappropriate names, but it’s surely a gradual process on Roblox’s end.

Yup - it’s gradual right now.

Eventually this will be possible