Username hyperlink of other users on AddPost page of forums redirects to own profile, not other user

If you go to add a reply to a thread on the ROBLOX Forums, and click the hyperlink of their username on the AddPost page, it redirects your own ROBLOX profile – not theirs.

I assume this is because the URL being used (which gets to a person’s profile by their username) no longer functions correctly and will default to your own profile, though I can’t be sure.

This is what I’m referring to if you don’t understand.

If you go to that link and click this:

You will be redirected to your own profile, not his.

Two things:

  1. This has been like this for ages. Simple fix.

  2. They won’t fix it if what I heard is correct about them working on redoing the ROBLOX forums.

Yeah, this bug is annoying, but if they are going to improve the forums in general, I’m all for it.

still should be fixed this isn’t difficult to fix considering they made it work for the “Last Poster” column on the forums.