Username on mobile doesn't change after updating username

My mistake there is already a topic on this issue.
Hello developers,
I was recently on my mobile device (iPhoneXS I believe) when I realized my username on the home page was different then my username on my actual profile page.
This bug I only started noticing today and only started happening after I changed my username 2 times on Desktop (Windows 10)
Here’s a video of this bug occurring,

This bug is easily reproducible by just exiting the Roblox iPhone application and re-entering it and then just seeing your username be different in two different locations.
Again my iPhone is the iPhone XS
Edit: I tried relogging into my iPhone Roblox application after signing out and this fixed the error.

Can’t reproduce, have you recently changed your username? I do have 2 past usernames, but this bug isn’t occuring for me.

Note the last time I changed my user was around 2019

I recently changed my username twice during this past week. However, I was never on mobile until recently and only then was noticing this issue.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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This is reproduced by changing your username while you are already signed in on the mobile app. This also happens when your premium expires.

To fix this, sign out and back in.