Users are able to get Wanwood Autumn King Crown for free

I just saw this new limited item which says “off sale in 21 hours” but yet the sale button is disabled. It also shows as a limited U item with no resellers, yet is still technically “on sale”? I feel like there was some sort of error here:

According to posts on twitter, some players have been able to acquire this item by using inspect element to modify the page.

Looks like there is some unintended behavior happening here? Or perhaps this is not an issue isolated to this item?

More examples of players getting it for free (plus a lot of angry players) in the comments of this thread if you want to learn more:

Someone made a thread on V3rmillion about how to do this. Apparently, Roblox+ was able to automate this (accidentally) resulted in people getting banned, although I don’t have any sources for that.

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The request to buy it is the same as everything else, meaning I can reasonably see Roblox+ messing this up.${productId}&expectedCurrency=1&expectedPrice=${bestPrice}&expectedSellerId=${sellerId}&userAssetID=${userAsset}

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This is what happens when Roblox forgets to add the stock to a Limited U item, it’s not the first time this has happened (and unfortunately likely won’t be the last). Has nothing to do with R+, and nobody got (or should be getting) banned over this.

It happened pretty recently with these two items too:

People only know how to do this so well because Roblox keeps messing up like this, so every time it happens, this method spreads even more. Patching it is likely on their list of things to do, but it shouldn’t be something that happens in the first place.


I heard of this just a while ago, and can confirm that it works. Fortunately, this only works with this particular accessory, anything else requires you to actually pay the amount.

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What’s the process for putting up a new catalog item / limited, if you’re allowed to share / know? I know that sometimes Roblox bulk uploads a bunch of catalog items at once, so I’m thinking it’s a script. Maybe it’s possible to error check the data for zero stock + limited and other mistakes before actually putting the item on sale?

Roblox should just make it free. I would love to own it…

Well, we’ve got a concerning update on this. We’ve had the Horns and Immortal do this before, as zlib mentioned, but this is the first time the timer was allowed to reach 0.

It’s selling, like a normal limited. While I don’t think users should be banned for buying any of these glitched items, I hope the issue causing this to happen is fixed soon. Considering everyone who bought the crown didn’t have any money charged, it’s essentially acting as a free +1K R$ profit to the sellers, which is rather unfair…