Users crashing as of latest Roblox update

Reproduction Steps

As of a Roblox update this morning, all clients are crashing upon entering a specific place in our experience after a certain enemy spawns. There were no updates to the experience in the time leading up to this incident.

Affected place id: 3303140173 Vesteria - RobloxVesteria - Roblox

Expected Behavior

It is never expected for the Roblox client to crash on join

Actual Behavior


No workaround, all clients are crashing upon entering this place and it is preventing users from accessing the game at all if this place was there last location.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-06-15 04:06:00 (-07:00)


Having the same issue. It’s happening in Studio for me.

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Happenining in pls donate. Randomly freezes and crashes out of no where.

Can confirm…i just lost hours of work in Studio because of this…

The in-game crashing issue appears to be fixed for us


Adding onto this post with more detail.
So after May 18th, our crash rates spiked up from around 10% average to 18%+ percent and lots of mobile users are complaining about the game crashing on launch or after playing for 5 minutes.
Our game was updated on 4/23 and 6/11 so we did not touch anything when the crash rates started spiking up.

There seems to be some kind of memory leak as LuaHeap goes extremely high in some cases (Sometimes over 500Mb), this is completely random though and we spent several hours debugging to figure out why this was happening to Oil Warfare Tycoon. We literally went through every single local script in game and could not find the root cause for this.
Another issue we ran into during the many hours of testing is that the developer console appears to have a memory leak which causes the memory usage to go up the longer you have the dev console open, that made debugging for us even more confusing.


Hi thanks for the report! Are you still experiencing this issue? As I was not able to reproduce this on my side, tried a couple of times, everything worked fine. Maybe you can help me by providing a more accurate list of repro steps so I can try again?


I’m experiences freezes when exiting out of the client. Not when I’m playing or joining, but just sometimes when I click leave.

I am crashing every time I exit out of the window and then re-enter it.

We are no longer experiencing this



This seems to be happening super randomly but crash rates are still pretty high in Oil Warfare Tycoon.
Specifically this effects mobile devices and tablets really badly, we did look through every single local script in game and nothing causes a memory leak. We are making optimizations to memory usage but I don’t think it’s going to help much.

The crash rates did drop a bit but they are still pretty high compared to what it should be.

If I just stand in game doing nothing, it causes LuaHeap to rise when I leave the console open. If I leave the console closed and check on it periodically, it doesn’t rise. Not sure if this would cause a problem since normal players do not usually check the console however this makes debugging for us really confusing.

We are not sure if it is our fault for the game crashing on startup for most mobile devices or if it’s an issue with Roblox because the debugging tools are not working properly.


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