Using a BodyGyro to rotate my plane? I'm finding it harder than I should

Title. I am currently working on a new plane kit but need help. The Elevators on the plane both have body gyros in, but how do I make it so that it can rotate upwards even when the plane is facing in any direction?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Use something like

Part.BodyGyro.CFrame = Part.BodyGyro.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(X, Y, Z)

Doing the above will rotate the part relative to itself.

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If you’re trying to rotate the plane, you should just use a single BodyGyro for the whole aircraft. If you’re trying to animate the control surface (e.g. those elevators), then you should use either a Weld, Motor, or other rotatable constraint object.

To then rotate upward, use the code example that @Hyperant provided.

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I am trying to make a more realistic system with multiple physics points, including flaps, drag and elevators. @Hyperant’s code only works when the plane faces a certain direction.

Crazyman32 is correct, a Motor6D or HingeConstraint is how you want to attach the elevator to the plane. It’s not generally advisable to have more than one BodyGyro in a welded-together model; if some parts are attached with constraints like ball socket, you can have more than one BodyGyro without them interacting in an undesirable way, but a single-degree-of-freedom joint like a wing flap is not really the use case for this.


Sorry for the late reply, but how do you recommend that I create the most realistic possible physics that I can do on Roblox?