Using a terrain material on a model

I’m creating caves and I would like to place some stone/rock models which have the same texture as the Rock Material for terrain to make it fit in. Obviously I can’t just use the material since it’s not available for meshes/parts. My next idea would be just downloading it and applying it as a texture/decal.

But I have no idea where I could find the texture to be able to use it on my models.

Simple question, but it’s really bothering me.


If i understand, you want to get the terrain textures, right? There is already a thread asking this, but eh. You can search it in the Studio Files, Go to the file browser and paste this path:


I hope this help!

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Sorry, my bad I couldn’t find anything similar.

Current issue is that the terrain diffuse has it’s colors skewed.


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Search in the “textures” folder. 30chars

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The textures in the textures folder are textures for parts/meshes. Obviously no rock texture there.