Using and altering national symbols in logos

Hello, I’m planning to build Polish State Railways engines. My only concern is that all the engines have the PKP emblem, as it features the white eagle from Poland’s national seal:

Here is what the community guidelines say about national symbols:

Political Content
We value friendly debate about issues and topics that matter to Robloxians. However, to maintain a civil and respectful environment, we prohibit the discussion or depiction of:

  • Current candidates running for public office, including their slogans, campaign material, rallies, or events
  • Political parties, including official party-affiliated organizations
  • Specific races for elected office
  • Sitting real-world elected officials
  • Previously elected officials in their official capacity
  • Individuals who have previously run for political office in their capacity as candidates
  • Desecration of political entity symbols, including flag burning
  • Inflammatory content related to the real-world border, territorial, or jurisdictional relationships

Thus, I’m asking whether logos with modified national symbols (esp. the Polish eagle with no crown) are allowed on the platform.

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Yes, they are allowed - It’s just the old coat of arms of Poland - It shouldn’t cause issues, especially since the current one is available on Roblox.

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Thank you! There won’t be any problems using the Polish eagle, with or without the crown, as long as it’s the official coat of arms and not used as a joke. :slight_smile: