Using assets made by someone else for own animation videos

Lets say I’m using an asset ID of a certain clothing that I’ve found on the roblox website for my content ( Animation Videos for example ). Am I allowed?

There’s a term called “Fair Use” and I’m not quite sure what it means. I’ve searched google about this

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IDK, I mean you can use anything and everything on roblox’ catalog but it’s not very ethical

No. All items on Roblox’ catalog is protected by copyright law unless the creator specifically stated otherwise. If you still want to use an item in the catalog, contact the creator and say that you want to use an item(s) for a purpose. In the Roblox Library under the create tab, if “Allow Copying” is set to true, then it could be considered in the public domain, so copyright law doesn’t apply.

As for fair use, it doesn’t apply to this situation. The only time it applies is if you are commentating /critiquing the original work or you are doing a parody of the work.

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How would I know if “Allow Copying” is enabled, and do paid clothings in the ROBLOX website have “Allow Copying” on them?

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Allow Copying only applies to the library ( under the create tab. If it is in the catalog, then assume that it is copyrighted. “Allow Copying” isn’t an option in the catalog, as far as I know, but is only in the library.