Using :BindAction() makes the Jump Button invisible

Tested on Galaxy Note 4 and Device Emulation through Studio.
How to Repro:

game:GetService(“ContextActionService”):BindAction(“Thing”, actionThing, true)

cc @darthskrill ?

I am not experiencing this with the following code in a local script, in device emulation.

function actionThing()
	print("hello world")

game:GetService("ContextActionService"):BindAction("Thing", actionThing, true)

Is this still happening for you? If so does it happen for you with that exact code on an empty baseplate?

Apologies for the inaccurate repro, I finally tracked down the issue and what actually happens is when I disable Enum.HumanoidStateType.Jumping the Jump button automatically becomes invisible. I’ve countered this by manually setting the Jump Button’s visibility to true after altering the Jumping state as I still wish to be using the button for my own purposes.

The best way to counter this is probably by copying the player scripts, so you know this won’t be broken in the future.

This is the function you would edit to stop the jump button from becoming disabled.

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Ooh I see. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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