Using clothing and UGC items as purchasable accessories in-game

Hey guys!

I was just wondering if I am able to use clothing from the Roblox catalog or UGC items as purchasable accessories in my game. They will be used strictly in-game only, and bought with in-game currency.

Yes. If this wasn’t allowed, a lot of front page games would have to change a lot of things.

The real answer is no. No, in an ideal environment, you’re not allowed to unpermissively sell others’ content in your experiences. Being able to purchase items from the Avatar Shop is not the same as extending you a commercial license to use or sell those products yourself.

Obviously we’re not in that ideal space because this isn’t a well-known or respected thing and Roblox developers somehow only seem to understand that this applies to experience assets when in truth it applies to anything UGC - meshes, models, textures, avatar items, anything.

The above answer is dangerous; in the future, be mindful never to take advice from anyone saying “it’s fine because others do it”, it being done doesn’t implicate permissiveness.