Using default R15 animations on a custom character with a R15 rig

How would I achieve using default R15 animations on a custom character? It has a R15 rig and has all the parts properly named, but the issue is that you can’t just copy the default animate script over into the StarterCharacter.

When doing that, all that happens is that your player’s character will load in a new animate script that looks for parts such as the Torso, RightShoulder, LeftShoulder, which aren’t R15 parts for some reason…? This only occurs when you add your own StarterCharacter in.

How can achieve this? Thanks for any help.

You can? Or at least I recall being able to. Usually there is a new Animate script that gets cloned though and you have to destroy it, then put in your own.

Is your RigType of Humanoid set to R15?


If you want to have default R15 animations (walking, falling, jumping, etc) on a R15 Custom Rig, copy the code from “animate”, a LocalScript, of your R15 Character. Then paste the code into a ServerScript and parent the script to the Custom Rig. That’s how I did it.

I think this is what you’re asking?

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vtaetwrjxvdpgwjqkfzw is correct, it’s possible to use the default animations. I’m currently doing so, you just need to name all your parts correctly and set the rig type to R15. If that’s not working also make sure your hip height is set