Using Discord Webhook Proxy

Apparently is discontinued and im looking for an alternative. Would be appreciated if I could view a list of webhook proxys

When you say webhooks, you mean discord webhooks or?

yes i meant discord webhooks and hyra is discontinued so im looking for a new one

I believe you can just send them with a script in Roblox Studio no?

No, discord removed the Ability to sent requests from Roblox as people weren’t respecting the limits. You must use a proxy for this and follow discords and Roblox’s terms. Discord has said it’s ok to use a proxy, as along as you abide by the terms

Didn’t know that, interesting. I remember back in 2020 sending discord webhooks for a military game of mine.

There’s which was built by a Devforum member, although it doesn’t exactly look reliable. You’re probably better off using your own, as external free proxies are often slow, unreliable, and pose a security risk.

This should work, customize it with your own webhook, the message you want sent, and the condition for the function to run on

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local url = "Your Discord webhook link here"
local message = "Your message here"

function SendMessage(url, message)
    local http = game:GetService("HttpService")
    local headers = {
        ["Content-Type"] = "application/json"
    local data = {
        ["content"] = message
    local body = http:JSONEncode(data)
    local response = request({
        Url = url,
        Method = "POST",
        Headers = headers,
        Body = body
        --Use this to send the message to the webhook with the given parameters:
        SendMessage(url, message)

This would work in Studio and not the roblox appilication, which is why you need some sort of proxy. Discord as I remember it, didn’t blacklist studio calls, But they did with roblox calls from the roblox appilication. This was because of people not respecting the rate limits and the terms of service with discord. Because of this, Yes it works in studio, but no, it doesn’t work inside roblox. Other then that yes your code works, is just the link part that has trouble with right now.

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Yes this is how you send a webhook but that wasn’t the question. Discord blocked requests to webhooks from Roblox IPs a few years ago, so you need to use a proxy in order to use them inside games. The most popular open proxy,, shut down, so the poster was looking for another one.

Speaking of which, I personally had used .. I have had no issues with it. Now I use a personal proxy for my projects so Idk about it recently but yea.

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