Using fake remote events

I wanted to know if you guys, use fake remote events or pretend that code is badly made so that exploiters fall into the trap and get banned; I did that for a long time but kept questioning myself, was it really that useful? Is it worth it the time? I believe exploiters know when these stuff happends, and most exploiters just get a script from some shady website.

I have special traps put in place on my ban scripts and guis; and hidden anti-cheat which is called something else.

Do you use that?

I mean, you might catch a few of the stupider exploiters, but this in no way would stop exploiting. Not really any harm in doing this though.


What is the point, if one exploiter will fall for it only to inform other exploiters to not fall for the same trap, they will also write their scripts to account for the anti-cheat and share it with the world. :upside_down_face: