Using GameAnalytics (Retention and Monetisation) (Ez mode)


If you’re looking at abstracting the data, you could use timezones to roughly guess, and I suspect that’ll be far better than telling if Spanish or not. What are you planning on using that data for?


Localization and active hours per-timezone research.


You’ll need to do a lot of extrapolation using bad assumptions to get anywhere with language, but I mean technically possible to get better than guess.

Why are you interested in active hours per timezone?


We’d like to organize special themed events at specific times, and we’d like to know where most activity is focused.

Edit: These activities are meant to be linked to the special timezone / region the user is in.


A (probably) better way is just to say “okay school finishes here at 4, people are gonna be getting online ~5, we’ll make it run from 5-10PM their time”.

Are you trying to exclude players that are not from that region from that event?


Great module but I have to edit the module myself to make sure it doesn’t run in studio. Can you add an option to enable/disable the module’s functionality while in Studio (RunService:IsStudio())?


Thank you for writing this! It was very informative.


Seems like quite a few of my events are being rejected. Is this normal?


Just checked mine:


Seems like you’re sending an event wrong somehow!


Yeah it normally happens when you fill out an argument incorrectly.


Awesome, helpful, funny and brilliant!

Thank you for this!


Your module currently does not support console analytics, and I’ve been losing data over it. The code you use for getting a platform supports console, it’s just not implemented when sending events.


I can’t get Design Events to work properly, anyone know how to do it?


same problem … apparently I haven’t recorded a single design event.

Edit: I’m thinking this is internal, since my design event’s ids shows up in Explore, just that the values are 0 for all.


Its really annoying as im currently using them for rating statistics from my ingame feedback, and im just not receiving the ratings at all.


Set [“value”] = 1 in the design event


got it! thanks :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if I’m recording transcations correctly,

analytics.RecordTransaction(player,  49,  'Cash:500')

I have this after they receive their cash after a purchase. I’m getting analytics for like visits and what not, but nothing is showing up on the monetization tab


Did you figure out what was causing this? I’ve got the same issue and can’t seem to find the culprit…


No, not really. My fail rate is hovering around 14%. The game I put it into was already quite old, and it was really just an experiment, so I let it go.

Also, it’s not making any error reports… maybe that could be the cause?