Using GameAnalytics (Retention and Monetisation) (Ez mode)


Doesn’t track purchases :confused:


Not sure if has changed things on their end, but some of your above examples do not work when using the arguments with colons.

For example, these do not work since the last argument has a colon in it:

Analytics.RecordTransaction(Player,  500,  "Pet:Dragon")

Analytics.RecordResource(Player, 100, “Sink”, “Gold”, “Boost”, “Rainbow:Big”)

It seems that only custom (design) events accept the colon notation, as in your example in the Sending Other Events section.



It keeps printing Submit events failed due to 400 BAD_REQUEST.


when I removed “:” it didn’t error…


You put a space at the 'Pet: ' part. The OP said to not put a space or it will break.


Where’s the space?


I’m sure that I didn’t added a space, I read the OP.


Woops I misread it. I thought there was a space there. Sorry for the inconvinience! :frowning:


When testing in studio, I noticed the game stutters when the game analytics sends out the events. Should I be concerned about this? Does this happen in a live game?


That would be the message encryption in action. I’m not sure why it’s so expensive, but it is. It will only be the server freezing up for ~0.5-1 second, so your clients probably won’t notice.