Using glass material to fade visibility?

im making a ability to be invisible
its not just the character’s all parts go invisible at the same time
its like invisibility pushes the visibility of the character till it become fully invisible

so the real problem is the rig appear like this

i search a lot and they just showing me to fade every parts of the character

my method is a glass material that is set to 0.9999 transparency which makes those parts set to 0.0001 transparency invisible

if my method is wrong pls tell me how

ive been searching for hours now

Why would you use a glass part? Just change the transparency of the rig’s body.

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in r15, the overlap of the transparencies would be shaded darker, so that would not look good. it would also not be as smooth as this


I don’t see what’s wrong? I wouldn’t have thought of that ever. But if this is #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, then just tween up its size.

I already have the script but the problem is that the character rig looks painful for me after setting
every parts of the character transparency to 0.0001

this what it looks like alr

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There isn’t really a good solution to fix this besides switching the part material to glass. If the part material is glass the faces behind/inside the limbs won’t be shown. You probably want to test this method with shirts/textures too though.