Using Humanoid:AddAccessory() with Layered Clothing doesn't work

Reproduction Steps
I have inserted a piece of layered clothing into my game (via a plugin, not in playtest mode) and I am calling Humanoid:AddAccessory to apply it to a character I have placed in Workspace. This was noted as a recommended way to apply Layered Clothing on this post: 3D Layered Clothing is Now Available!. The dummy I am using was inserted via the Roblox plugin (however it also doesn’t work on my character during a playtest).

Asset I am inserting: Zip Hoodie - Black - Roblox

I have included the plugin file in the Private Message section.

Expected Behavior
For the clothing to be correctly applied properly.

Actual Behavior
The clothing is not applied correctly at all.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
A private message is associated with this bug report


could you give me your scene with the character model you’re using and the layered clothing accessory you’re trying to equip, and the Lua code for how you’re equipping it? (you are mentioning both Humanoid:ApplyDescription() and Humanoid:AddAccessory() so I would like to see exactly what you’re doing). Also, do you have StarterPlayer.LoadCharacterLayeredClothing enabled, and Workspace.MeshPartHeadsAndAccessories enabled?

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Sorry, I am using :AddAccessory(), I have corrected my post. I provided a file of my plugin by using the private message option (it contains the code and the model I am using). I can send a place file if necessary though.

I will make sure both of those options are enabled when I send over the file.

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also, check FileBeta Features3D Layered Clothing is on


with everything enabled, your mannequinMaker works as expected for me


Ah, I wasn’t aware layered clothing was still a beta feature.

Just following up!

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