Using individual Remotes to reduce bandwidth, useful or waste of time?

So a while ago I readed somewhere in a post about RemoteEvents something about using different remotes for each player to reduce the KB/s of the Remotes and allow for a faster communication with the server.

The thing sounds pretty interesting, but I don’t really know if this will really work or if it will be worth it to spend some extra effort onto doing this. Anyone knows something about this?

Probably a waste of time. Roblox is almost certainly multiplexing remote calls – i.e. two different RemoteEvents probably use the same socket.

Every remote call must send two things over the network:

  • An ID (probably just a number)
  • The payload (the arguments to the remote call)

Sending the same payload across two dfferent remotes would just change what the ID is – it wouldn’t change how much is being sent.

The best way to reduce bandwidth is to send less data, and send it less often.

Edit: I guess it would be possible that they batch calls per-id-per-frame. In that case, it would technically be less data to just use one remote, because all the requests could be packaged under one ID field. Don’t try to optimize for that though because

  1. it would only matter if you’re making many remote calls in a single frame (which if you are, why?),
  2. we’re talking about a few dozen bytes/second here – the slowest computer that can boot roblox wouldn’t notice it at all, and
  3. I don’t even know if they do this or not.
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