Using official gun names in Roblox


I am in the early process of a new game which will include guns. All the guns will be low poly so not hyper-realistic and not exactly like the original reference guns.

I did some research about using official gun names in games and everyone is saying that you need a license to use them, especially for models like a scar-l, Glock 17, and other guns that are specifically from gun manufactures.

My question is:
Is this also the case for Roblox games, because I can’t really find any articles about it on this forum or on the internet in general. There are also a lot of shooting games using the official names of guns on Roblox, did they buy a license or is it allowed to use the real names for free on Roblox?

I also read that you can risk it if your game is not that big, but I rather don’t want to get sued, so that’s why I am asking this question, just to be sure.

Thanks in advance for answering!
Have a good day!

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I found this discussion:

A solution said: copyright doesn’t apply to names, they are trademarks. You can contact gun games developers here, at the forum :+1:.

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Thank you, I have read a few similar discussions already and the answers are basically the same.
The best way to find how this applies to Roblox games is probably indeed by contacting some developers of gun games. I ll start doing that, thank you!