Using other developers items in character customisation


I’m developing a game and would like to include the ability for the player to customise their character by selecting different clothing, hair styles, accessories, etc. Am I free to use items that other people have made and that are available in the catalog for this purpose? Am I free to use items that are sold for Robux?

I have noticed that many other games seem to include items like this, but I haven’t seen it explicitly stated anywhere that it’s ok to do so.

For example these items are included in the character customisation of several high-profile games:


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These kinds of cases are very technical. There are some developers who wouldn’t care if you would use their assets, but there are some who would get very upset without a special citation, payment or agreement (Roblox assets are an exception). I’d recommend to message the owner of the asset first if they would allow you to use their asset in your game before adding it.

If it’s made by Roblox, of course you can. Same applies with any free assets, when you free it you agree to a disclaimer saying anyone can use it and you can’t take it down nor demand money. But this only applies to Roblox made assets and free models, meshes and so on.


So the consensus is that it’s ok to use Roblox catalog items without asking? Does that also apply to items that they have made that have a Robux cost? Is this stated anywhere on the website?

I don’t come from a Roblox background and the idea that I can just use stuff other people have made (and are selling) for free in my game feels a bit weird!

Assets made by Roblox that are either on sale or not can be used in games.

Assets made by other developers may require an agreement or permission to avoid issues.

If the asset is created by ROBLOX, you can use it freely regardless of it being on sale or off sale.
While if it’s created by another Roblox user, I advise you contact them and ask for permission. Some are usually ok with it if they get credited somewhere in the game / description or similar places, others may ask for payment, or if you’re lucky enough they’ll simply agree and give you permission to use the asset.

As others have mentioned in the thread, generally if it’s made by Roblox, it should be fine to use! That’s how it’s been for years, before users could even upload their own sounds or 3D models.

The only major exception I can think of right now would be sponsored assets. Roblox has permission to use the IP, to create things such as items for the users to wear across the platform and sponsored event games, but we don’t have that same permission. One example would be this Harry Potter book.

If it’s made by Roblox free or not- go for it.
If it’s made by a developer you can only use it if it’s free or you got an agreement with the developer personally.

Not necessarily the best approach with all free models/meshes as many assets in the past have been leaked.

Currently it’s tolerable to an extent however if roblox grants all creators on the platform more rights over their property then a simple “I didn’t know it was stolen” won’t justify your reasoning behind using it.

I personally only use open sourced assets as temporary placeholders unless they’re made specifically by roblox.