Using other peoples assets?

I was looking through my toolbox and found a collection of pets, which i realized were from pet simulator, and the person who owned them didnt create the assets(most likely stole them), can I use these assets since I don’t own them or will i get in trouble?

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You would most likely get in trouble, plus, I don’t recommend using other people’s asset especially if they were stolen. You should instead report the person who stole them and contact the person who created the assets if they allow you to use it if you know its from the same person who created it instead of just taking it.

EDIT: Also, people will probably call you out since you took them thinking you stole them which could lead to alot of trouble for you.


If there is something in the toolbox you want to use, the best thing to do is see if you can tell if it was uploaded by the creator and made free. The purpose of the toolbox is to share things and make your content available for others to use, unfortunately it’s abused by people ripping game assets and uploading them without the creator’s permission. So you kind of have to do your own due diligence and figure out if what you’re looking at was actually made free to use by the original creator and copyright holder. This is not always easy to do. There are also things in the toolbox that were not created for Roblox, and it’s even harder to trace the origins of these to figure out if they have a public license like GPL, or if they were ripped without permission from another game. I agree with 3rdhoan123 that the safest course of action is to err on the side of assuming things are stolen until proved otherwise.

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