Using player character's arms as viewmodel

Hello, when playing Zeppelin wars, I’ve noticed that the player’s viewmodel arms are actually character’s arms deattached from the body.
How do I achieve a similar effect?
Any answers would be appreciated.


can you provide some images? thanks

As you can see, the arms are attached to the camera instead of being attached to their default positions.

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well you can do that by cframe and C0 and C1 in the arm motor 6ds

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Could you provide more details? I’m not so good in manipulating Motor6Ds

So what you can do is get the players arm C0 by going to the torso → Right Arm its a motor 6d. it has a property called c0 and c1 u can use that to offset it and so so make it attach to camera

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Thank you for answering the question, the problem is that I have no idea how to attach them to the camera. I know that in a usual viewmodel you can simply set the viewmodel’s rootpart position to the camera’s cframe, although I dont really understand how to use C1 to attach it to the camera.

For each arm:

local Arm = Character:FindFirstChild("ArmPartName")

Arm.LocalTransparencyModifier = 0

   if Arm.LocalTransparencyModifier ~= 0 then
      Arm.LocalTransparencyModifier = 0

Is this what you’re looking for?

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No, what I want is to deattach the arms from the player and attach them to the camera.

It’s not possible to “attach a part to the camera” with a weld or attachment or such. Instead, move the arms, or something that stands in for the arms but isn’t actually the arms, in front of the camera.
edit: move a part to Camera.CFrame on renderstepped, then attach the arms to it with an Attachment/Welds/whatever

As for the Motor6 holding the arms stuck to the player’s character, you should sever them temporarily (set Part1 to nil), or adjust the C0/C1 so that the arms are always somewhere near the camera (i.e. something like C0 = torso.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame)). With the latter, you may have a tiny bit of trouble setting the C0 back to default, as it probably depends on the character’s proportions.


from what i can tell they’re actually just using theinbao’s first person arms script