Using real life brands on Roblox

Hi there. Apologies if this has been asked before.

Is it allowed to use real-life brands in Roblox games and profit from them? This is in the context of a city-building game in which players may spend Robux for gamepasses to create cafés such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, or shops such as IKEA. All of these brands would be enveloped in one “Brand Pack.”

Would it be more appropriate to draft substitute logos?

Thanks for any help.


Unless you have explicit permission from the brand, it’s best to steer clear from them and come up with your own names and logos.


I see. Thanks for the advice.


What I do for my stuff is I make parodies of real brands (my game is called Rails Unlimited, and my clever name for this system is ‘RUbranding’, a pun on ‘rebranding’ and my game’s initials), and included for reference in this reply is a sample I’ve made of such. The only issue is that occasionally, some whiny player will demand for real brand names (despite you having to tell them over and over) and similar stuff that annoys everyone.

This logo is something I made that parodies San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit branding, and cleverly enough, it actually has a meaning besides the immature rebrand, which is ‘Francisco Area Rapid Transit’.



Your image literally says “FART”.

Edit: Oh that’s the point. Well. These trains must run on gas?


Well it’s absolutely fine to do that. You can either use brands logo’s through permission from them, or alternatively you can use a brand logo that isn’t a trademark as it’s technically not claimed. So that logo is absolutely fine!
Hope this helps!


I would highly advice just to change up the name and the logo a little bit. So people understand what brand it is, but it does not really violate the ToS and Copyrights of the brand.

Paraphrasing the post I already chose as a solution may not be the best idea to gain a post count lol.

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