Using Roblox created player animations

Hello! I’ve been trying to overlay the default walk animations from Roblox with some other ones that I specifically provide.

Of course I could find a tutorial on the topic here, but it asks for your own custom animation; meanwhile I want to use one provided by Roblox in one of their animation packages.

How would I exactly be doing this? Simply replacing rblxassetid://2510242378 with char.Animate.walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId = "" (what I saw as being used to call another Roblox provided animation from an Animator inside my character) failed to work, and no animation ends up playing.

Maybe a problem with the script, or the way I call the animation id?

The script I have used comes from this tutorial.

And is present here too:
		char.Animate.walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId = "" = ""
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Unfortunately, just changing the walk/run value’s animation ID wouldn’t just work. You’ll also have to change the animation ID stored in the ‘Animate’ localscript’s coding as well. What you could just do is play the game in Roblox Studio, find your character, select the Animate script, copy it, stop the game, paste it into StarterCharacterScripts, and then change the ID from there, and in the code.

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This actually has the exact same effect, in which no animation plays and the character looks like a dummy when walking or running.

It is a nice idea, but I also see it a possibility for it to break in the future whenever Roblox decides to change animations. If it were to work, it would have been a good enough compromise for, you know, it working, but I’m more willing to go with the script I found earlier which I think is more future-proof.

What I'm talking about.


It’s different when it’s about Roblox made animations. You’ll have to use a specific plugin for them, called “Load Catalog Items” (Load Catalog Items - Roblox).
I’ll tell you the steps to implement them:

  1. Open up the plugin on Studio;
  2. Get the AnimationId of the animation that you want (in this case, i’ll get the run animation of the Werewolf bundle pack Werewolf Run - Roblox);
  3. Insert the AnimationId (in this case 1113750642) in the plugin’s textbox;
  4. Click “Insert”;
  5. In your workspace, you should find “Asset_YOURID” (YOURID replaced with the asset id of the animation you chose;
  6. Open up everything under that, till you find “RunAnim” (name will change based on the animation you got. If it’s the walk animation, then it’ll be named “WalkAnim”, of course);
  7. Now just copy the AnimationId of that and paste it into the animate script that @xxIamInevitable told you about and playtest the game.
    There you go, Roblox’ animations usable in your game. Tell me if you didn’t understand something, and hope it helped. :slight_smile: