Using Studio's camera system in-game?

I’m working on a game where I’m planning to have a free camera system, just like when you view the workspace in studio.

Is it possible to access the script for that camera and stick it into the game? Or would I have to make my own system?

I also know there’s a cinematic camera script that you can enable in-game, but it doesn’t have the same features as the workspace camera, where you could still use your mouse cursor along with the more snappy movement. I still need to look into the script if I could adjust for my needs.

I wish this was possible, I doth think it is for now.

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I guess it’s possible to script it though since I’ve seen it in Blood and Iron. (around 4:56)

So that means I would have to bind keys through ContextActionService to update the position of the camera. But, I have no idea how to change the rotation of the camera when the player holds the right click.

Using ContextActionService, you can detect when the player moves their mouse and how much they do. With that information, you can turn it into camera rotation using CFrame.Angles().

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There’s also the freecam scripts

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This is possible. Make a new game in Studio and play-test. Go to your player’s PlayerGui in the explorer window and you will find a ScreenGui named “Freecam”. Copy that and stop testing the game.

Then you can paste that screengui anywhere, and when you give it to a player’s PlayerGui, it will allow them to use freecam when they press Shift+P

It’s not exactly the same as Studio’s freecam but it works!

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