Using Tab to indent code

Every time I type code on the forum I have to use spaces to indent code. I realise coding convention usually dictates you should use 4 spaces or similar for indentation, but tab makes typing quick code much easier for more rapid dialogue on the forum. Most of the time I tend to type code in an outside software like studio and then paste in, which can be fairly tedious. I know this is probably a Mac issue, but I think the code typing experience on the forum could be improved anyway. It would be nice if auto-indentation was a feature, for example - which could depend on the code-type you’ve used (e.g “```lua” would use lua auto-indentation).

I couldn’t find any previous posts about it, but I’d be surprised if there aren’t any.


Thank you for your suggestion!


Especially when copy/pasting a script to the forum, then editing it.

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I agree, this is really annoying. I often type code and I need to type 3+ spaces to indent code. This becomes harder on mobile.

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