Using the Localization Management Web Portal


Hey Developers,

In Introducing the Cloud Localization Tool Suite Post, we announced our new suite of cloud localization tools to help you translate your games and share your content with players worldwide.

Core to the new cloud localization tools is the Localization Portal which you can reach by choosing Configure Localization for your game on

The Localization Portal allows you to access and manage all of the current cloud localization tools:

  • Select the source (original) language for your game
  • Enable Automatic Text Capture and cloud localization data usage for your game
  • Access the new web-based localization editor to view and manage translations
  • Appoint Roblox users as translators to help you translate

Enabling Automatic Text Capture and Cloud Localization Data

The Localization Portal now has two new settings under In-Game Content Translations:

  • Automatic Text Capture: enable automatic capture of in-game strings when your game is played by anyone on Roblox. These strings will be consolidated in the cloud localization table for your game, accessible via the Translation Management page (described below).
  • Use Translated Content: enable game to be translated using cloud localization data. If this setting is not enabled, only translations in the old non-cloud, Studio-based/embedded localization tables will be available to both auto-translation and API-based translation lookups.

Adding and Managing Translations

Underneath the settings is a list of languages. Currently, only official Roblox-supported languages are available for the cloud localization tools.

Click a language to open the Translation Management page where all the game strings in your cloud localization table will be compiled. Here, you can view, sort, and add translations:

The square next to an entry indicates its translation status. A green indicator indicates that a translation has been added for the selected language, while gray means no translation has been added.

Adding Translators to Your Game

To help you translate your game strings, you can add translators by username (must match exactly) in the Translators section located at the bottom of the portal. To remove a translator, hover over their name until the remove icon appears.


Once you add a translator, send them the link to the Translation Management page so they can get started! For reference, the Translation Management link for your game is [] (replace GAME_ID with the game ID of your game).

Have you already localized your game using the Studio tools we released earlier? Learn how to migrate your existing translations to the new cloud localization table and tools here: Migrating Existing Translations to the Cloud.

Happy translating! Let us know how the tools are working and give us feedback on the Introducing the Cloud Localization Tool Suite post.

Introducing the Cloud Localization Tool Suite
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