Using the player's microphone, regardless of voice chat or not

Hello. I was playing a game called Rooms & Doors when I noticed something odd.
The game used my microphone’s volume, despite me not having voice chat enabled, for the entitiy A-100.

How did they do this and how can I recreate it?

Can you explain more what you mean?

I don’t really have voice chat enabled when I’m playing games. But when I play this game, the game can hear what’s coming in my microphone, even when vc is disabled. I don’t know how.

Sorry for the really late reply, I was doing something.

Can you provide us with a link?

Here’s a video of me testing it by tapping my mic. [mild loud sound warning]

(I had a mic filter on but forgot to remove it)
(When the icon in the middle is red, it means it’s too loud, and the entity will chase me)
(Voice chat is off)

Maybe they’re using this instead of the original voice chat?

Most specifically the AudioDeviceInput class.

They also probably use the PeakLevel and RmsLevel properties of the AudioAnalyzer class, that they have connected to the input instance through a Wire instance.

It seems this requires voice chat, because I try talking into the handheld radio example and nothing happens.

can you check the privacy tab in my settings? it’s possible that only the option to toggle the camera is there

It’s there, just disabled cuz I don’t really like using it.