Using TweenService to move a base (part) of attached parts

I am working on a lockdown door system, and I use TweenService to handle the opening and closing animations of the door.
My door is composed of multiple parts, and I put simple welds, and then weldcontraints to attach them to the base.
My script moves correctly the base, but the other parts are not following it.
(Making the whole door, a mesh might be a bit embarrassing because I wish to keep the textures/colors)

Am I doing something wrong, or is it just not possible to use welds and tweenservice together ?
Thank you

Welds and tweenservice won’t work with each other if I am correct, a weld welds it and basically glues it to wherever its connected to.

Try without welds and get back to us.

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Alright, thank you.
I will probably see to make the entire door, a mesh and to put a custom texture to keep the door’s ones.
As a mesh, the door will be only one part instead of multiple parts, which will be easier to manipulate.

You welcome!
Meshes would work well with things like these.

Alright, this message is for people who arrived on this topic because they had the same problem as me.
I fixed the problem simply. Here is my solution:
I couldn’t make the entire door a mesh because the texture was not loading correctly.
I used Unions.

  1. Select all the parts of the model (door).
  2. Select “union”, and it will be like a mesh (one part instead of multiple).

Hope this helped!