Using variables instead of developer products

Hi Roblox developers, I have an idea for improving the way we can create and use in-game currency in our experiences. Instead of creating developer products for each currency item or amount, we can use variables in our scripts where those variables types are defined as a “price” to store the price and value of the currency. For example, we can declare a variable like this: local currencyPrice = price(10) where the value is the amount of Robux we want to charge for the currency. Then, we can use this variable in our scripts to prompt purchases, handle transactions and update the currency value as needed. This way, we don’t have to create multiple developer products and keep track of their IDs. We can also easily change the price or value of the currency by changing the variable. I think this would make it easier and faster to create and manage in-game currency in our experiences.

What do you think?


I think that would be really useful and I already have a cool name for it: “ProceduralProduct” :0

It would probably need its own functions to handle purchases and return if they succeed because the one for developer products contains the ID of the purchased item (which wouldn’t exist for this I presume)

Considering Roblox is trying to push creators’ ability to monetize their games, this seems like a big step forward.