Using Vector Forces on HumanoidRootPart

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I want to make it so if you press A it turns the player using Vector Forces.

  1. What is the issue?

I have used the Vector Force that i’ve made and parented it to a part. It works perfectly fine! But when I try to parent it to the HRP i’m not sure why it doesen’t want to do the same thing as the part shown in the video.

(this video is showing a mesh part not an actual humanoid rig just to show what I want.)

I’m not using any scripts for this yet. I’ve parented the vectorforces from the part in replicated storage to the player’s HRP but it just moves the player foward slowly.


It’s the humanoid. Humanoids ruin everything.

Humanoids have strong gyro stabilization, unnatural forces that sometimes even disable physics (ever heard of HumanoidStateType.RunningNoPhysics?), and other madness that makes me want to die.

Since the official constraint controller isn’t coming out for a few more decades, you might want to use a custom character controller that does not use humanoids, or simply make your force a heck ton stronger.


Oh I didn’t know that. That’s a shame. But thanks anyway.

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Humanoids have barely changed since 2008 and it shows. Roblox is going to move away eventually, but it seems like they’ve gone completely silent on the matter ever since Avatar Evolution stopped working.

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