[USSF] - Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently-Asked Questions

When is the next training or raid?

We have a detailed webpage outlining all planned upcoming events.
trello . com/b/WWnbV1oO
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How can I be promoted? / What are the rules?

This forum thread covers those questions: [USSF] - Rules & Promotions

How can I become a High Rank?

Please read this forum thread: [USSF] - High Ranks

How can I join one of the branches/JSOC?

This link explains all of that: [USSF] - Branches

Can you make the uniform free?

This has never been possible but back when tickets existed on roblox the uniforms were sold for 1 ticket each, the minimum price available. However, tickets were removed and now there are minimum robux prices enforced on clothing.

Where can I get the uniform?

Check my profile (https://www.roblox.com/users/3060646/profile) and look in my inventory for my shirts and pants.
Otherwise find the links here: [USSF] - Uniforms

When was USSF made?

USSF was made shortly after groups became a feature on ROBLOX in 2009. That is why we are group number 22025. Before that I remembered the names of my members and kept them on my friends list.

I stopped playing ROBLOX for several years and came back in late 2012 and revived USSF. Only then did we start to have thousands of members, mainly due to the popularity of our Forward Operating Base.

Funnily enough several groups took the name USSF before the group was created. As a result, young me decided to name it “The Real” USSF.

Do I have to be from the US to join?

Of course not.