[USSF] - HR Roles [WIP]




The huge amount of activity USSF has is making it necessary to allocate jobs to HRs to make the group run smoothly. These jobs will be paid with robux when monthly quotas are reached.
Normal HR activities such as hosting trainings will also be paid for when quotas are reached.

All HRs, whether they have a specific role or not, will still be expected to follow the HR rules listed here:


  • Processing complaints
  • Raids
  • Diplomacy
  • USSF Game nights

Monthly bonus: R$ ___


  • Tracking HR activity.
  • Tracking Captain activity.

Monthly bonus: R$ ___

Administration Overseer:
Administration Officers:
Supercrusher999, Sheikh_Phewfy, robloxwolf123

Community Overseer:
Community Officers:

USSF HR activity spreadsheet:
USSF Captain activity spreadsheet:

HR roles were first suggested and worked on by USSF HRs robloxwolf123 and SilencedSorrows.


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