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Zombie Uprising - Updates and Roadmap

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Special thanks to the main creators:

Bullet points in bold text are especially important.

I started university in 2017 and have since been extremely busy except for during my breaks at Christmas and summer. I was also very busy studying in 2016 and 2017 for the set of school exams that would determine what college courses I was qualified for.

This game was a lot of fun to create and play test and people seem to really like it. As long as it remains popular, I will dedicate time to releasing new content!

Update Log

2020 Updates
Major Update: May 8th 2020
  • Turrets do more damage.
  • Ability to invite friends using a button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Mystery weapon machine fixes.
  • Lower damage from zombies.
  • Mobile bug fix where the movement thumbstick would activate buttons.
  • Zombies can damage you through barricades.
  • Faster health regen.
  • Slightly increased in-game money income
  • Fixed the right arm being positioned incorrectly after using a bolt action rifle.
  • Semi auto guns can be autofired by holding down the mouse button. They still have a much lower rate of fire than true automatic guns. This is just a feature to make it so you don’t have to spam fire.
May 10th 2020
  • The bottom left of the screen on mobile will no longer cause the camera to move. This will prevent accidental camera movement when trying to use the movement thumbstick.
May 11th 2020
  • Fixes to the in-game rank and EXP system.
May 12th 2020
  • ‘Rank’ menu shows your correct rank and in-game EXP progress even when the group EXP system is not working because servers are down.
Major Update: May 13th 2020
  • Game is playable on Xbox One!
  • Mystery weapon machine is faster to cycle and should not break anymore.
May 14th 2020
  • Bug fix for a rare case where you can not change gun anymore without resetting.
  • Turret fixes.
  • Mystery weapon machine fixes.
  • Aiming speed fix on slower devices.
  • Close menus using the B button on Xbox.
  • Issues with bolt action rifles fixed.
  • Fixed 2 floating objects on the Suburbs map.
  • Fixed the mouse being visible at times outside of the main menu.
May 15th 2020
  • Added a threshold for controller thumbstick input in case the right thumbstick is slightly damaged and always causing rotation.
  • Added a message when the map changes.
  • Various bug fixes on Skyscraper and Desert.
Major Update: May 16th 2020
  • Fixed a bug where a map wouldn’t load.
  • Glitch exploit fixes
  • Map glitches fixed
  • Servers now move players to an updated server if the game ends after everyone loses. This only happens if the server is not at the latest version.
  • Fixed loading issues with slower devices and connections.
Major Update: May 18th 2020
  • New settings. Muzzle flash can be disabled. Auto fire on mobile can be disabled. Auto fire can be set to only shoot at heads which is useful for bolt action rifles.
  • The setting for muzzle flash, particle effects and auto fire save.
  • Muzzle flash is also smaller now.
  • New bullet impact effect.
  • Bug fixes for various maps.
  • Boombox gamepass loops music.
  • Bug fix for the USSF experience bar always saying ‘Loading.’ Note: Experience was still being earned.
  • Updated reload and bolting animation code. It should desync less or never.
  • Added in arm sway when rotating the gun in hipfire using a controller.
Major Update: May 21st 2020
  • Weapon buttons can be used on mobile even while moving.
  • Fixed a glitch where in some servers the +25% and +50% bonuses from the VIP/Elite membership gamepasses would not always work.
  • Changed the user interface. It’s more concise now, especially on mobile.
  • Increased sniper damage per shot and slightly decreased headshot damage.
  • Soul spheres take longer to fill up.
Major Update: May 25th 2020
  • Grenades added!
  • 10 new zombies including 3 minibosses!
  • New Zombie D-Day map
  • Bug fixes
  • User inteface improved, especially for console and mobile.
May 27th 2020
  • USSF promotions are now linked to your in-game level.
  • Bug fixes.
May 28th 2020
  • Bug fix for being able to change guns mid animation which caused issues.
  • Fixes for lag caused by a new ROBLOX update on May 27th.
  • Map bug fixes.
May 29th 2020
  • Bug fixes to prevent lag at higher rounds.
  • Collateral damage removed.
  • Added the new USSF uniforms to the character customisation screen.
  • Main menu interface is smaller on small screens.
  • Animations optimised.
  • Hitbox fix for zombies, especially minibosses, that are wearing accessories.
  • Turret targeting fix.
June 1st 2020
  • Bug fixes for crazy sensitivity on some gamepads
  • Bug fix for arms and weapons being invisible when changing from 1st to 3rd person mode on computer
HUGE UPDATE: July 2nd 2020

I was quite busy working on this update and also studying for exams in early June. The update is finally out though!

  • Boss battles
  • Weapon skins
  • All 43 gun models were improved
  • Bug fixes
  • Care packages between rounds
  • UI improvements, especially for console
  • 3 new arena maps where boss battles occur
  • Chat codes: Type summer 2020 in chat for $5k in-game!
July 18th 2020
  • All 43 weapons were rebalanced. Movement spread removed. Spread removed in 1st person mode. Third person mode spread massively lowered.
  • Most guns have lower damage per second now so guns can be balanced better. The average zombie health was decreased to compensate so the difference should be negligible.
  • There are now only 20 zombies max at once in a boss battle instead of 30. Bosses have less health.
  • Mobile autofire no longer prompted by aiming at friendly players.
  • Bug fix for USSF players. Some of them had the mobile buttons in the wrong position and the buttons at the top of the screen were in the wrong place.
July 26th 2020
  • Horizontal recoil for all guns reduced.
  • Damage for all guns (except snipers and DMRs) increased at all ranges. The distance that bullets begin to lose damage is also greater.
  • Bug fixes. Most notably the user interface scales properly for USSF members. It already scaled properly for non-USSF.
July 27th 2020
  • Mobile sprinting added.
  • Bug fixes for certain guns not doing damage at long range and after being upgraded.
  • Boost spots in certain maps fixed.
  • Mobile autofire does not trigger when aiming at other players.
August 29th 2020
  • Fixed the invisibility glitch where arms, head or even the entire body go invisible in 3rd person. It was caused by a broken ROBLOX teleportation method. I now use a different method when spawning people and teleporting them to the map.
  • Decreased the number of normal zombies during boss battles to 15 maximum. It used to be 20.
September 3rd 2020
  • Fixed people spawning in the ground after implementing the new teleportation method from August 29th.
  • Fixed the weird music playing in the background. The old air raid siren sound effect was deleted and was automatically replaced with royalty-free music by ROBLOX. There is now a new, royalty-free air raid siren sound effect instead.
HUGE UPDATE: October 3rd 2020
  • 7 shotguns!
  • 3 rocket launchers! You now have a third weapon slot. Slot 4 is for your melee and slot 5 is for weapons from the random box.
  • 11 tier 8 and 9 weapons!
  • Bug fixes, especially for invisible body parts. Issues with movement controls have also been fixed.
  • UI improvements, especially for the round GUI that tells you what round it is, how many zombies there are and how much time is left.
  • Chat code: Type shotgun in chat for $5k in-game! ‘code shotguns’ and ‘shotguns’ also work. Codes are not case sensitive.
  • Tier 4-7 weapons are much cheaper. 870 shotgun and RPG-7 are new free tier 1 weapons.
New Weapons

Tier 1:
870 MCS shotgun
RPG-7 rocket launcher
Tier 3:
Tier 4:
M1014 shotgun
Shorty shotgun sidearm
SMAW rocket launcher
Tier 5:
Striker shotgun
Tier 6:
SAIGA-12K shotgun
PzF 3 rocket launcher
Tier 8:
MP5 smg
BOAR .50 sniper
AK-47 assault rifle
MSG90 marksman rifle
USAS-12 auto shotgun
MAC-10 smg sidearm
Tier 9:
Vector .45 smg
AS50 semi auto sniper
AA-12 auto shotgun
Plasma cannon sidearm

October 5th 2020
  • Fixed pump-action shotguns having infinite ammo
  • Fixed hats/accessories being visible sometimes in first person mode.
  • Fixed scopes not being aligned properly.
  • Fixed the in-game ‘rank’ menu not loading.
  • USSF members get their proper rank overhead, and go on the USSF team.
  • You don’t have to go back and unlock lower tier weapons if you already unlocked higher tier weapons. Example: Someone who owns at least 1 tier 5 weapon does not have to buy the new tier 1-4 guns to be able to unlock tier 6.
  • Packages aren’t auto removed anymore.
  • Fixed the anti-cheat system accidentally kicking people who were not cheating.
October 8th 2020
  • Disabled interrupting reloads temporarily while they are being fixed.
October 16th 2020
  • Semi-auto shotguns buffed. Higher maximum damage at close range but greater drop off at range.
  • Lowered the spread of all shotguns.
  • Interrupting reloads is enabled again.
  • Many bug fixes relating to guns breaking and not being able to fire or be changed.
  • Fixed guns being held wrong.
  • Vector .45 loads the correct reload animation, not the MP5 one.
  • Fixed clipping during reloads. Example: Magazine going diagonally slightly through the gun rather than straight in.
October 23rd 2020
  • Fixed shotguns on mobile glitching when aimed.
  • Fixed the main menu camera occasionally being in the wrong position after respawning.
  • Fixed the daily reward displaying weird amounts of time left until the next reward, such as -82 hours.
  • Fixed guns being held wrong.
  • Tier 9: Minigun, Plascannon buffed.
  • Tier 8: AK-47, MAC-10 buffed.
  • Rocket launchers and the BOAR .50 do not have 2 rockets/rounds loaded at the same time after being upgraded.
October 28th 2020
  • Slightly buffed the range of semi-automatic shotguns and pump action shotguns.
  • Buffed the AS-50 magazine size from 10 to 15 and the damage per minute.
  • Fixed the Striker reload breaking at times.
October 29th 2020
  • Zombies should not spawn under the map anymore. At the very least, it will happen less often now.
  • Dead zombies don’t block bullets. You can shoot through them.
  • Chat colours change based on if you’re in USSF, and what rank you are.
  • USAS-12 and AA-12 have better range, better damage and more ammunition.
  • AS-50 magazine buffed to 15 rounds. Damage per minute buffed.
  • Fixed an issue with upgraded guns not getting the correct amount of ammunition when ‘Max Ammo’ is used.
November 3rd 2020
  • Fixed for shotguns and bolt-action rifles breaking while changing gun.
  • Fix for being able to change guns while already changing gun.
  • Grenade animation fixed and you now have 4 grenades, not 3, and they do 300 damage, not 200.
  • All rocket launchers buffed in max damage.
  • Tier 8 primary weapons now cost $30k instead of $35k.
MAJOR UPDATE: November 4th 2020
  • HUGE optimisation update. The game runs much more smoothly now. Less memory and CPU power is used. Animations are smoother.
  • Thanks to Supercrusher999 for helping play test the game during the optimization process.
November 5th 2020
  • Bug fixes.
  • Tube-fed shotguns can now load an extra shell if there is already a shell in the chamber.
November 9th 2020
  • Ended the Halloween event. You still keep any skins you unlocked of course, but the $/Points/EXP bonuses are gone.
  • Fixed a rare loading bug.
  • Zombies now use a new spawn method that should lower the number of zombies being teleported into the ground/ceiling, or maybe even completely stop that.
  • People who glitch out of the Skyscraper map are now automatically teleported back into the map.
MAJOR UPDATE: December 23rd 2020
  • CHRISTMAS event!
    Earn 4 free skins and boosters of up to +30% EXP, money and points simply by playing the game and earning event EXP!
  • HUGE improvements to the user interface. It is now much larger and easier to read.

2021 Updates
HUGE UPDATE: February 1st 2021
  • 8 new melee weapons, each with 17 different skins!
  • 3 new maps: Prison, Nuketown XL and Site 51.
  • New zombie attack and movement animations
  • Zombie ragdolling
  • New attachments and the addition of weapon levels
  • New kill badges
  • +10% money and points bonus for Beta testers
March 3rd 2021
  • Skins for sale for in-game money are able to be purchased again.
  • You can join a friend’s hard mode server by pressing the ‘Join game’ button on their Roblox profile.
  • Fixed various glitched spots on various maps.
  • Fixed perk machines, barricades, random machines, etc. being unusable for some players.
  • Possibly fixed melee weapons occasionally not being usable.
April 27th 2021

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been very busy with college.

  • New anti-hack code
  • Fixed various glitch spots on various maps
  • Fixed max weapon level 55. It now gives you level 55 mods and the EXP bar is capped at 100%
  • Fixed the ‘SpecOps Skin Pack’ sometimes not giving access to the 38 weapon colors.
  • Probably fixed machines, barricades, etc. not being interactable after a map changes. I never replicated this bug so only time will tell if it’s truly fixed.
April 30th 2021
  • Fixed the ‘Optics’ modifications menu being too short to see the sniper scopes at the bottom. (Not all guns can use sniper scopes)
  • ‘Brian’s Burgeria’ map renamed to ‘Brian’s Burgers’ again.
  • Fixed glitch spots on Brian’s Burgers
  • Fixed ‘pack-a-punch’ upgraded guns not resetting to normal when a game ends and goes back to round 1.
  • Fixed map invisible barriers not working in private servers and some public servers.
  • Optics with glass now have the glass completely transparent.
  • Fixed your face being visible in 1st person mode for certain players (very rare glitch)
  • Fixed a few orange error messages that happen when zooming in or out, that are not actually errors.
HUGE UPDATE June 1st 2021

-SUMMER EVENT: Earn EXP in game to get 5 free skins and up to +25% money and experience!
Press the ‘Event’ button in game at the top of the screen for more info.
-BONUS CODE: Type summer2021 in game chat for a reward!

-13 new weapons between tiers 4-9
-2 new maps, ‘The Killhouse’ and ‘The Last Stand.’
-43 improved gun models between tiers 1-7
-34 new gun sounds, including suppressed gun sounds
-New skins
-New weapon customisation preview
-User interface improvements
-Cheaper tier 8/9 prices
-Bug fixes
-Buffed certain tier 9 weapons, like the .45 Vector
-Buffed/fixed bolt action rifle damage
-New and improved movement animations for standing, crouching, and proning.
Standing uses the default Roblox animations.
-The game no longer goes from day to night. In a future update, certain maps and boss rounds will happen in the dusk, twilight, or night times.

HUGE UPDATE July 16th 2021

-5 players per server instead of 7
-Map voting
-Apocalypse mode
-New avatar menu
-Less lag
-Bug fixes
-Custom crosshairs
-New settings and features
-Improved 2-4x optics
-Aim and reload simultaneously
-Realistic laser pointers
-All DMRs and the minigun buffed
-Anaconda damage nerfed
-New badges for kills and max round reached
-New music
-Prototype 200-series AK-12 rifles renamed from AK-12, AK-15, SVD-12, and AKU-12 to AK-200, AK-203, SVD-200, and AKU-200.
-Mk.11 renamed to SR-25

July 26th 2021

-Fixed not all melee skins being shown.
-Added new anti-cheat code for fly hackers. Detected cheaters are permanently banned.
-Fixed ‘Wins’ being in the leaderboard instead of ‘Max Round.’
-Fixed a rare glitch that causes mobile autofire to stop
-Fixed glitch spots on Last Lockup
-Removed glitched rocket launchers from the mystery box
-Fixed badges not being earned except when joining a server
-Disabled interacting while downed (to buy perks, etc.)
-Added new money loss chances for the best cases. Previously, if you owned all weapon skins, you were guaranteed a high profit reward. This fixes that exploit.
-Fixed a glitch that lets semi-auto weapons increase RPM when spamming reload

August 2nd 2021

-Fixed arms being raised too high after unequipping a weapon.
-Fixed the prompt for buying items and opening the armory being bugged (but usable) on small mobile devices
-Fixed other minor bugs

HUGE UPDATE: August 20th 2021

-Tier 10
-7 new weapons
-68 new skins
-New event, map, double laser saber
-Aim assist for xbox/mobile
-Manual fire for mobile (autofire is off)
-New mobile buttons, music
-11 improved models for old guns
-Cheaper tier 9

August 20th 2021

-Fixed a bug on mobile where the jump button could let you fly.
-Care package missing on Redbrick Industrial
-1 minigun not usable on Redbrick Industrial
-Fixed the mobile manual fire button aiming
-Fixed a load error on mobile

August 21st 2021

-Touching mobile buttons in the bottom right does not stop you from aiming if you drag over them
-Mobile: Stopping moving doesn’t stop you from manual firing.
-Mobile: Larger buttons on smaller touch screen devices.
-Fixed vertical recoil being absent on some guns after 1 shot.
-Sprint button going red sometimes when not sprinting

August 24th 2021

-New Vector .45 model

August 25th 2021

-Improved buttons on mobile
-Run button moved to right side of screen on mobile
-Autojump added to jump button on mobile if held
-Toolbar does not automatically translate
-Ragdolls despawn faster
-Players revived automatically if a round ends
-Smoother, faster cancelling of case opening animation

August 30th 2021

-Zombies are never faster than a running player
-Pulse Rifle magazine capacity buffed
-M2HB reserve ammo nerfed
-Fixed a rare bug where zombie bodies do not despawn after dying
-Other bug fixes

September 9th 2021

New in-game chat command :gui for toggling the user interface for taking videos / screenshots.

-Aimtime is based on the weapon’s class. Multiple classes share times (like LMGs and HMGs)
-Added an ‘Aim Time’ stat to the weapon statcards.
-Improved the weapon stat cards.
-UI improvements: Made text size universal for certain parts of the user interface.
-Added a ‘Map loading’ message.
-Improved the in-game USSF promotion message.
-Fixed a possible cause for the promotion bot not promoting new members.
-Larger tool buttons on mobile.
-Raised the crouch/prone buttons on mobile.
-Renamed: AK 5C → FNC, SKS-A → SKS
-SKS is semi automatic with decreased fire rate but the same DPS.

Bug Fixes:
-Points for repairing a barricade take bonuses into account.
-Fixed a cause for spawning above or below the map.
-LMG bullets visible when scoped
-MSG90: Removed yellow line and added sniper scopes to optics.
-Fixed boxes/magazine’s being invisible if a reload is interrupted after dropping them.
-Fixed a weapon’s preview in the menu not updating while customising it. This happened mainly when using the armory.
-Fixed the revive/downed bar being visible after being revived.
-Glitch spots for zombies and players fixed on: Undead Suburbs, Redbrick Industrial, Desert Stash, Nuketown
-Micron’s customisation improved. A previously-uncustomisable part of the gun is now customisable.
-VHS-2: Fixed optics being skewed to the right

October 15th 2021

-Prestige: Reset tiers 1-10 for unique rewards
-New weapon mods
-New prestige skins and mods
-8 new weapons
-Armored enemies (-50% damage)
-New enemies and minibosses
-New, free avatar accessories
-Bug fixes
-Less lag

October 21st 2021

-Fixed a glitch where prestige players were not displayed as prestiged
-Added a failsafe in case a prestige fails. It will be cancelled and everything lost will be given back.
-Added immediate saving after a prestige (game also saves every 15 seconds, when you quit, when you buy things, etc.)
-Added new messages at the bottom of the screen for rare errors
-Fixed missing messages at the bottom of the screen
-Improved the prestige menu
-Improved the settings menu text size
-General bug fixes

November 24th 2021

-Battle/season pass
-StG 44, Kar98k, Double Barrel shotgun
-Nacht der Eises map

-New weapon mods’ stats
-Buy prompt not rendering properly
-Leaderboard toggle with Tab

-‘Kills’ and ‘Max Round’ to the ‘Rank’ menu

-Dead Suburbs map

-UI: Moved ping/FPS GUI to Settings menu
-Larger UI for console
-Cleaner Points/Money UI
-Improved mobile and console UI size and visibility
-Lowered apocalypse mode damage

-BOAR .50 damage
-M9 recoil
-Less ADS sway for non-collimator optics and for iron sights

-Boombox gamepass

December 24th 2021

-Winter versions of most maps
-4 new weapons

-Tier 9 cheaper

-Pistol and Automatic Pistol aimtime changed from 0.1 to 0.15 seconds

-LMG bullets visible when aiming through a scope
-Bug fixes and improvements

2022 Updates
January 1st 2022

Season 1 battle pass ended.

Health bar

Season 1 event weapons are for sale.
AK-47 renamed to AKM
NGSW-T magazine: +5 to 25, DPS: -9.67 to 377

Daily rewards
Missing previous daily rewards have been returned
Prone fixed
Belt-fed-lmg bullet chain visible
Console points/money visible

Size of the user interface in the bottom left and right

January 14th 2022

Season 2 battlepass
M1 Garand
Army Model 1860 revolver
Cases, income boosts, dynamic neon skin

DPS (Damage per second) changes
Tiers 1-8 mostly buffed DPS
Tiers 9-10 mostly nerfed DPS
Note: Hard and Apocalypse modes were recently made less difficult

Headshot multiplier changes:
1.1 for shotguns
1.5 for DMRs and snipers
1.3 for everything else
Previously, guns had between 1.1 and 2 times modifiers depending on tier and weapon type

Range Changes:
Weapons’ damage at range is linked to their class.
LMG, DMR, Pistol: No decrease (unchanged)
**AR: **30m
SMG, Carbine: 25m
Shotgun: 15m
This is a buff for some weapons and a nerf for others.

Weapon changes:
Vector .45 reload faster

Tactical sprint (gun pointing up) for guns that should not have it
Many glitch spots on maps
MG4 frontal iron sights move when the gun is opened
Rocket/grenade launchers unaffected by element 115 damage upgrade

‘Horde’ boss fight and boss map
Prestige sound effect
Purchase sound effect for weapons, skins, cases, and mods
Button press sound effect
New level up sound effect
New case opening sound effect
New reward (skin, mod, case) drop sound effect
3 new commissioned songs

Mobile: Smaller perk bar
AK-15 iron sights enlarged
AK-15 and AK-74 selector set to automatic
Killfeed is cleaner and limited to 3 messages

January 15th 2022

Balance changes:
Tiers 9 and 10 damage to undo the nerf
Buffed event tier damage
Buffed shotgun damage at range
M82 has more damage per shot but with a lower fire rate and -20 DPS
Nerfed shotgun maximum damage range

Multiple new anti cheat modules

Fixes and Improvements:
Fixed the event menu saying ‘Season 1’ instead of ‘Season 2’
Stop button added to the boombox gamepass menu
More minibosses during the Horde miniboss
Care package spawning inside models on The Killhouse

January 16th 2022

Balance changes:
Buff to all headshot damage multipliers (1.3 for shotguns, 1.75 for DMRs and snipers, 1.5 for others)
Massive buff to stored ammo for tiers 1-7
Buffed shotguns’ max damage range back to 15m from 10m

Bug fix:
Fixed the ‘Empty chamber’ reload time displayed on stat cards

January 17th 2022

Bug fixes:
Some dead zombies not being counted, causing horde bosses to continue indefinitely
Issue with flight detection when standing on the very edge of something
Rare issue with invisible zombies especially on low settings (there may be other causes too)
Grenades caught in the sky

Interact and price GUI for machines, turrets, etc. overlapping
Enlarged the price GUI for console and mobile
Improved pathfinding for zombies

Miniboss changes:
-100 min and max HP

Boss round changes:
+3 simultaneous normal zombies during classic boss fight
-5 simultaneous normal zombies during horde boss
3% extra minibosses during horde boss instead of 5%

Hard mode:
Zombie maximum damage boost from +10% to +5%
Zombie speed boost from +10% to +5%
+2 player healing per tick

Apocalypse mode:
Zombie maximum damage boost from +15% to +10%
Zombie speed boost from +15% to +10%
+2 player healing per tick

January 24th 2022

New anticheat module to prevent map edits

Balance Changes:
M2HB reserve ammo buffed to 550 from 425
-33.3% zombie damage against barricades

Bug Fixes:
Crouch movement animation fix
Floating barricades on Site 51 map
M1 Garand bullets visible through full-screen scope
Horde boss stuck at 1 HP

Kar98k clip and bullets improved
AKM selector set to automatic from safety
AKM handle changed to red bakelite from orange wood
AKM handguard improved

January 25th 2022

Optimisations for the game.
Zombie pathfinding further improved.

Bug Fix:
Event GUI not showing a tick beside rewards that have already been earned
Glitch spot on Vertical

January 26th 2022

Balance Changes:
M2HB damage buffed from 43 to 46

Further improved zombie pathfinding
You can shoot into the Horde boss tunnel

Bug Fixes:
Fixed glitch spots around trees
Fixed glitched tunnel spawns for the Horde boss

January 29th 2022

New anticheat:
Server-sided hit registration (with ping/lag compensation)
Melee cooldown

Server-sided hit registration:
The roblox server, not the player’s device, calculates the bullet
Shooting through solid objects is impossible
Melee range cannot be hacked
(Other stats like ammo, damage, etc. are already server-sided)

Balance changes:
ShAK-12 DPS buffed from 180 to 190
AUG A3 DPS buffed from 151 to 163

Optimisations on mobile and console for the other new anti cheat modules, which may cause lag on older devices.

Bug fixes:
The ‘Event’ menu now updates properly to show what rewards you have already earned. Previously, it occasionally thought you were at a lower level.

April 1st 2022

New map ‘Italia’
New horde map ‘Courtyard’
New battlepass season with 3 new weapons - FG 42, Sten, P38
New support tools: Medical Box and Ammo Box
New official soundtrack songs
Sound effect when hit by zombie

Balance changes:
Minibosses’ maximum HP was nerfed by 100-200 hitpoints

Improved pathfinding
Improved graphics (shadows)

Bug fixes:
Fixed various glitch spots on maps
Fixed empty weapons not appearing empty when equipped, such as a rocket launcher having a visible rocket
Fixed the melee weapon list extending through the bottom of the screen
Fixed being stuck in the spawn ‘backrooms’ after pressing play
Fixed being able to buy any tier weapon after prestiging

April 2nd 2022

Bug Fixes:
Box dropped when aiming at zombie (boxes always use manual fire now)
Boxes causing autojumping on mobile
Zombies clipping through skybox
Missing event skin button
Missing FG 42 (because a case was given instead)

Each player can only drop 1 box at a time
Powerups dropped by zombies (insta kill, etc.) are ignored by bullets

Balance Changes:
Medical/ammo box player cooldown is now 60 seconds
Medical/ammo box charges per box is now 3

April 12th 2022

Anticheat Modules:
-Anti noclip module
-New anti fly module

Bug Fixes:
-Some shots for automatic guns not registering (very rare) - The anticheat system was sometimes counting rate of fire incorrectly
-BOAR .50 having hit registration issues - The anticheat system was not counting weapon mods lowering the BOAR .50’s reload
-Mobile: Bug fix for the running/jumping buttons glitching if spammed

-Mobile: Can start running while reloading
-Mobile event rewards menu larger on smaller devices
-Computer: I/O keys do not zoom in/out while typing in chat
-Music slightly quieter

April 13th 2022

Bug Fix:
‘Exceeded RPM’ bug fixed

April 14th 2022

Bug Fix:
‘Ghost’ / random damage, especially when stationary, fixed

May 1st 2022

-Optimisations - Better performance, especially on weaker devices
-Improved zombie pathfinding - Fewer instances of zombies becoming stuck, especially at barricades
-Last Lockup map: Fixed glitch spots, made it possible to jump on air vents, more open space inside the jail building

May 2nd 2022

Bug Fix:
-Fix for not being able to repair a barricade after a round ends

Balance changes:
-Many zombie types are slightly slower

May 3rd 2022

Bug Fix:
-‘Repair error’ fix

May 8th 2022

Bug Fixes:
-Fix for some new Roblox bugs relating to checking if people own badges
-Fixed a bug where bullets do no damage and ammo is not used. This was caused by a recent Roblox update
-Fixed bosses’ body accessories counting as headshots. They now have no hitbox.
-Fix for upgraded rocket/grenade launchers doing -50% damage instead of +50%

-Starter pack owners no longer see a ‘Tiers 1-3 unlocked’ message if they have already been given them
-‘Defender’ powerup is not dropped during boss fights because there are no barricades to repair. ‘Max Ammo’ drops in its place, and still drops normally.

June 1st 2022

Bug Fixes:
-Running animation playing after landing from a jump
-Civilians’ overhead rank is ‘Guest’ instead of ‘Civilian’
-Overhead revive prompt is visible over a player who was already revived
-Overhead name is invisible

-Faster loading speed on devices with slow internet speeds
-Shadows removed on mobile to increase performance

Old servers have not been shut down. They will be replaced gradually.

July 1st 2022 - HUGE Update

-Dead Suburbs map
-Killhouse map

-New Independence day season 4 battle pass, with 25 more levels
-New American weapons for the 4th of July theme
-Daily and seasonal missions

Bug Fixes:
-Ability to clip outside of the map through fences
-Prestige discount not affecting tertiary items (explosive launchers, boxes)
-Case drop percentage showing too many decimal points (case percentages not changed)
-Small part attached to the magazine of some weapons after changing a magazine
-Removed the delay for the rocket/grenade launch sound effect

-Barricade decorations added to the houses in Dead Suburbs
-Trail effect added to rockets
-Attachment class buttons have the same text font size
-The transition to the ‘Avatar’ menu is smoother
-Text size is the same for the button bars in the ‘Avatar’ and ‘Gun’ menus
-Text size is the same for the interact bar and the interact menu
-Added sub menus for weapon skins
-Improved the way messages at the bottom of the screen stack
-Improved skipping the case opening animation
-Fixed classic bosses becoming stuck on the Undead Overpass map

Balance Changes:
-Prestige discounts changed for prestige 3 and 4
-Changes $ drops for Element 115 case
-Changed common skin drop chance for Silver case
-Insta Kill powerup cooldown increased from 5 minutes to 7 minutes
-Insta Kill powerup time lowered to 30s from 45s
-Insta Kill powerup disabled in boss rounds
-Boomer and fire zombie explosive radius reduced from 10 to 7 studs
-Healing increased
-Improved battle pass menu
-Ability to purchase battle pass levels
-Event tokens now purchase old battle pass weapons. Earn them via battle pass levels

July 2nd 2022

-New hint under ‘Event Tokens’ that says they are used for buying event weapons
-Missions GUI moved to the left side of the screen on mobile, and made smaller
-Missions GUI doesn’t trap your finger movement
-Missions GUI closes when chat is visible

Bug Fixes:
-M16A1 preview shows the 60 round mag instead of 20
-Season 3 weapons not available for purchase (except for with event tokens)
-Discounted weapons (due to prestige discount) having weird prices shown like $,877.5, instead of $2,877
-Negative percentages in the battle pass progress bar

July 4th 2022

-Removed the scroll bars from the ‘Shop’, ‘Settings’, ‘Rank’, and ‘Event’ menus, to make it easier to use them, especially on mobile
-Removed some unnecessary text from the ‘Rank’ menu

Balance Change:
-Daily missions are easier. The requirements have been reduced.

July 5th 2022

Balance Changes:
-Prestige discounts reset to the previous values of 15, 20, 25, and 30% for prestige 1-4
Before this change, it was 15, 17.5, 20, and 25% for prestige 1-4

July 7th 2022

Balance Changes:
-M16A3 is now a free starter weapon
-M16A3 replaces the PDW-R as the default weapon. The PDW-R is still a free starter weapon.
-Starter M16A3 comes with attachments, like other starter weapons.

-Removed the scroll bar from the missions menu in the corner of the screen because it caused issues with touch screen devices

September 10th 2022

-3 new official songs
-4 new weapons, including at lower tiers
(The new AK-103 replaced the AK-203)
-New sound effects for certain reload actions

-Major improvements to zombie pathfinding

Bug Fixes:
-Map bug fixes
-Minor bug fixes

The next battle pass season will start on October 1st.
There will be another, huge update before Christmas.

New songs:

October 1st 2022

-New battle pass
-More rewards in the battle pass

Bug Fixes:
-Ammo box provided infinite ammo boxes
-Zombie jumping is more reliable

-Daily missions give +0.7 battle pass levels instead of +0.5
-Seasonal missions give +3.5 battle pass levels instead of +3

October 2nd 2022

-New thumbnail for season 5, including in the ‘Event’ menu

Bug Fixes:
-Ammo box and medical box no longer have a bullet fire sound effect when dropped

-HECATE II magazine reload is 1 second longer (2.55 seconds total)
-HECATE II fire rate is now 52 per minute instead of 55
(Damage per bullet is unchanged)

October 21st 2022

-Halloween decorations and visual changes
-Halloween candy bags around the maps that give points and money

Bug Fix:
-MP5K has a normal sprint animation
-Various minor map bug spots fixed

October 22nd 2022

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a floating decoration banner on the road in the ‘Mountain Fortress’ horde boss map

Balance Changes:
-Daily mission to revive players now requires 1-2 revives instead of 4-6
-Seasonal mission to revive players now requires 10 revives instead of 50

November 6th 2022

-Ended the Halloween event

November 13th 2022

-Improved zombie pathfinding

December 2nd 2022

-Various optimisations that might fix late-game lag.

-Rounds 40-100 can be 10 minutes long maximum, not 20
-Rounds 100+ can be 15 minutes long maximum, not 25

December 3rd 2022

Bug Fix:
-Fixed zombies being slow to spawn

-New loading screen after a server shuts down to load a new update

December 23rd 2022 - HUGE Update

-Day and night cycle
-7 new grenades
-New loadout menu
-Christmas decorations with presents hidden around the maps
-Tier 9 and 10 perks
-Tier 11

Bug Fixes:
-Rare desync after leaving the armory with a new loadout which caused weapons to not use ammo or damage
-Changed perk’s effects not applied to weapons after leaving the armory
-Visible bullets on LMG not moving when firing

–Less lag after explosions damage many zombies

December 23rd 2022

Bug Fixes:
-Prestige discounts don’t apply to grenades
-Sticky grenade freezes zombie
-Molotov fire sound missing
-Grenade can be given by the mystery machine

Balance Changes:
-Molotov assist damage doesn’t count as a kill
-Molotov count decreased to 2 from 3

2023 Updates
January 4th 2023

-Season 6 battle pass
-MP 40, battle pass weapon
-Mosin Nagant, battle pass weapon
-TEC-9, battle pass weapon

-FAL damage per second decreased from 345 to 330
-MP5 damage per second increased from 226 to 253
-P38 damage per second increased from 253 to 266

January 16th 2023

Bug Fixes:
-Red outlines around buttons being visible through menus
-Red outlines around ‘Primary’, ‘Secondary’, etc. buttons disappearing when selecting tiers
-The correct weapon or grenade appears in the killfeed
-Grenade kills count toward explosive missions
-Grenade explosion in the wrong position

-Selected items in the Avatar menu have a clearer border and background

-Someone made the TEC-9 automatic when I wasn’t looking
-TEC-9 DPS buffed from 210 to 233
-TEC-9 damage changed from 21 to 14
-TEC-9 firerate changed from 600 to 1000
-Angled grip recoil reduction nerfed from -5% to -3%

February 23rd 2023

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed an issue with aiming on mobile that was caused by a recent Roblox update.
Touching the screen to move your camera does not also move your aim.

Balance Changes:
-The maximum number of spawned zombies on the map Italia is reduced by 5
-Nerfed the damage of boss explosives

February 25th 2023

-2 default mouse icon versions: crosshair with a dot, and crosshair

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed weapon modifications not being unlocked immediately after prestiging or levelling up a weapon (until the player rejoins)
-Fixed the battle pass season 6 skin ‘Cyanite’ being unavailable (The two main colours it cycles through are in the screenshots)
-Fixed an arrow overlapping the mouse icon
-Fixed weapons in the main menu being rendered at a lower quality than expected on some devices
-Fixed a cause of arms being visible in first person mode (there may be more causes)

-Daily rewards streak resets after 2-3 days of not playing instead of after 36 hours
-Daily rewards are based on what day it is, not if 12 hours have passed since you last played
-Daily rewards menu smaller on computer

March 4th 2023

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed zombies’ maximum health not increasing with higher rounds
-Fixed touch screen aiming frozen because of only 1 aiming input being allowed, so dust, screen issues, etc. would prevent your touches from being registered
-Fixed the crosshair being off centre on console

April 11th 2023 - HUGE Update

The HUGE SPRING UPDATE for Zombie Uprising is out!

• 3rd person mode on mobile and console
• New settings (check the button at the top of the screen)
• New season 7 battle pass
• New third person mode on computer
• New changelog menu
• New weapons
• Global leaderboard for kills, level, and max round

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a rare bug where the player would stay in the spawn room
• Fixed excessive and glitchy arm sway when prone
• Fixed a black dot being where the sun or moon should be
• Fixed a spot zombies could not reach on ‘Vertical’
• Fixed invisible mouse icon after unaiming and zooming out

• More visible bullet tracers
• New prone animations
• Smoother neck animation when proning and unproning
• Removed USSF, VIP, and Elite ‘Yes/No’ from Settings
• Optimisations to hit detection, and sight for players, zombies, and turrets
• Improved animation for re-equipping weapons after throwing a grenade
• Saving whether music is on or off
• Readded more skyboxes
• Improved battle pass menu
• Improved moving parts on M14 EBR

Balance Changes:
• Winchester 1873 damage buffed from 95 to 100
• The maximum player level is now unlimited, not 100.

• Desert Stash temporarily removed from the map pool
• The player level 100 limit has been removed


April 12th

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed aim assist in 3rd person mode on console and mobile
• Fixed controller aiming being limited to short movements
• Fixed the global leaderboard not being in proper order
• Fixed the Honey Badger’s reload animation

Balance changes:
-Slightly increased aim assist on console and mobile

April 15th

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed grenades being thrown in the wrong direction in 3rd person mode
• Fixed a glitch where arms are detatched after throwing a grenade in 3rd person mode
• Fixed aim assist in 3rd person mode on console and mobile
• Fixed controller aiming being limited to short movements
• Fixed the global leaderboard not being in proper order
• Fixed the autofire setting not working properly when off on mobile
• Fixed the menu view not resetting after respawning in 3rd person mode on mobile and console

• The new third person camera on mobile and console does not clip through objects
• New grenade throw animation
• Grenades are thrown immediately
• Five Seven’s reload animation slightly smoother and shorter

July 5th

• New battlepass
• New tier 11 shotgun, the TS12

• Premium battle pass priced reduced from 750 to 725 robux

Balance Changes:
• M1911 damage buffed from 23 to 27
• Model 1860 damage decreased from 95 to 93
• KS-23K damage decreased from 21 per pellet to 19
• SAIGA-12K damage decreased from 23 per pellet to 18
• Striker damage decreased from 23 per pellet to 18
• M1014 damage decreased from 21 per pellet to 17

August 5th

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed the TS12 shotgun reloading too quickly
• Fixed a gap in the wall in the Site 51 map

October 18th

• Large ban wave for cheaters
• New anti cheat technology
• Season 8 ended

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed an extremely-rare bug that prevents loading

October 19th

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a loading error (caused by the game trying to load your battle pass while there is no battle pass)

October 31st

-Haunted Mansion’ map
-Watch your step!
-Halloween decorations
-Treats hidden around the maps

Bug Fixes :
-White tree leaves
-Zombie jumping is slightly more consistent
-Changelog menu autocloses after pressing play

December 12th

Bug Fixes:
• Daily reward case not given

• Removed banned players from global leaderboards
• Improved banning systems

December 13th

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed removing banned players from global leaderboards

2024 Updates

January 5th - HUGE update

• Battlepass (season 9)
• New weapons in tiers 5-11
• Arms in first person mode (not customisable yet)
• New pass for sale: Customise Overhead Colors

• Optimised bullet tracers and holes
• Improved stat card in the loadout menu
• Information box at the bottom of the screen for locked tiers
• Information box at the bottom of the screen for event tier
• Weapon level is visible when modifying it
• Lock image beside tier buttons
• Updated M1911 model and animations
• SVD Dragunov renamed to SVD
• Chat hidden when in armory
• Images added for ammunition and capacity modifications
• Weapon modification prices decreased or increased for each tier
• Stat card displays cost of weapon
• Removed the red arrow from the shop button
• Improved buttons at the top of the screen
• Improved prestige menu
• Updated chat to the latest version by Roblox
• The time left to revive a player is visible
• New ammunition models for rocket launchers and grenade launchers

Special Effects:
• Other players’ bullet tracers are visible
• Other players’ muzzle flashes are visible
• Smoother backwards recoil effect
• Increased backwards recoil effect for many weapons

Bug Fixes:
• Weapon transparency when selecting skins
• Missing Christmas presents on ‘The Last Stand’ map
• Juggerblox on mobile gives +50% health instead of +100%
• Global leaderboards not displayed in correct order
• Scout, M95, HECATE II not using the bolt after reloading an empty weapon

Game Balance:
• Players are no longer invulnerable for 10 seconds after being damaged
• In classic mode, it lasts 8 seconds, and prevents 8 hits
• In hard mode, it lasts 7 seconds, and prevents 7 hits
• In apocalypse mode, it lasts 6 seconds, and prevents 7 hits

January 6th


  • Massively-improved zombie pathfinding
  • When all players are downed, zombies walk around the map randomly instead of standing still
  • New rocket/grenade parts for grenade and rocket launchers

Bug Fixes:

  • Rocket/grenade launchers not shooting in the correct direction on mobile in first person mode
  • Classic bosses not shooting rockets
  • Grenade and rocket launcher explosions that do not damage create hit markers


  • Boss rocket velocity and blast radius increase in Hard mode (+25%), and even more in Apocalypse mode (+50%)
  • Boss rocket damage increases in Hard mode (+10%), and even more in Apocalypse mode (+20%)
  • Fewer zombies spawn on the ‘Skyhigh Arena’ boss map
  • Fewer zombies spawn in the ‘Nacht des Eises’ map

Old servers have not been shut down. They will be gradually replaced as people leave them.

Roadmap: Future Updates
These are not ordered based on when they will be created. I don’t know when each idea will be made real.

  • Even more maps
  • Even more weapons
  • New and better boss fights

Completed roadmap goals:

  • Console support.
  • New zombie types.
  • Multiple difficulties.
  • Weapon skins.
  • Boss fights.
  • Earn USSF ranks by reaching certain in-game levels.
  • Shotguns.
  • Tier 8-10.
  • Rocket launchers.
  • Melee Weapons.
  • More maps.
  • Revives.
  • Prestige after owning all weapons from all tiers.
  • Multiple grenade types
  • Global leaderboard

Chat Promo Codes
Codes are not case sensitive. ‘ShotGuns’, ‘shotguns’ and ‘SHOTGUNS’ all work.
Type a code in game chat to use it!
bugs2021 - $5,000 in-game. Added July 16th as compensation for new bugs that were quickly fixed.

Old codes are gradually removed.


BRIANO10 is the sole developer of this game, with the exception of:

Robloxwolf123 - Provided most of the weapon skin textures.
Robloxiader - Some of the zombie movement and attack animations.
diazqueen - The new rendered game thumbnails.
MelodoxYT - Commissioned songs, multiple sound effects, and the round intermission sounds. (Playlist)
ROBLOX and APM Music - All other music.