UV Map not pasting right

Hey, so I was making a model in Blender, and UV mapped an image onto an object with several settings. I made it so the background was transparent, and I removed clipping from the image so it wouldn’t repeat.

However, when I import it into Roblox as an FBX, the image repeats and the transparent background is gone.

I have no idea how to solve this, any help would be appreciated.


You may have to export the mesh separately and apply the texture manually to make sure you get what you want. It could also be an issue with overlapping UVs but I doubt it. Have you tried editing the texture in Roblox? Change the transparency to 0.2 to get your alphas to work properly. As for the tiling, I think there is a setting in Roblox that changes this. Worst comes to worst, put the decal on a separate mesh that is exaclt the size you want it so it can’t tile.

Hey, what setting is it in roblox that allows you to change the tiling? Do you know?

K so I think I was thinking of Blender. After doing some googling there doesn’t seem to be one sorry.
: (
In any case. If you make the part with the texture only big enough to fit one tile of said texture, that should fix it.