UV mapping a custom (mesh deformation) R15 Rig

Currently @opom1231 and I are working on a custom mesh deformation R15 rig connecting all of the blocky joints.

Like this

After figuring out how to make the basis, we are having a problem with UV mapping the custom rig to support Shirts and Pants.

We’ve tried to map the humanoid based on both the Roblox clothing format/format from Roblox after uploaded, but these were both failures, and we haven’t been able to find a correct mapping. Is there any documentation for this, or any way to separately map each limb?


Any tips or tricks would be deeply appreciated :slight_smile:


You can use image libraries to cut and replace image I need to see which method you guys use to connect theese

We’re using skinned meshes and motor6ds, so basically a normal R15 rig but with mesh deformation

Hey! Did you figure it out and complete the project?

If so, I’d love to see it. Maybe you’ll be willing to let other developers use this in their games too for free? Maybe as an asset?


Also, @kr_ze, feel free to message me privately here on the DevForum if you’re interested in sharing the character with the Mesh Deform.