UV Mapping Help

Hey, I own a pretty big clothing mall with 300+ mannequins displaying clothing. The current method I use is to have empty NPCs with the clothes object inside them, as you would with normal player clothing. The issue is that a mall with such a large amount of clothing is hard to keep good performance on especially on mobile devices.

I have tried to load the mall in chunks to avoid lag but this turned out to be messy and didn’t reduce performance the way I wanted it to do.

The default R6 body has over 200 triangles, and this is currently the way I use to display clothes.

Does anyone know how to UV map a section of part(s) to fit with the default roblox template so it can display clothes without having the “body”?

The default template:

The way I want to do it is so you can display clothes on the low-poly body which is made out of parts and isn’t relied on the Humanoid object.


Well, you’d just need to unwrap each face individually and fit the UVs to their corresponding part on the default template. Assuming you’re just using simple cubes without any bevel on them and you have minimal knowledge of Blender, you can just select the entire model in edit mode and mark all as a seam. That should do the trick!

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