UV mapping not working as expected

Hello everyone. I’m having a problem right now with UV maps and how it’s happening on my vehicle.

I’ve created this UV map

And designed this random pattern on it to test if everything is correctly laid out

However, when I actually apply the UV map via the textureID in the mesh, the whole entire texture is scrunched in this one area:

I’ve looked up countless tutorials on UV unwrapping and mapping and I’m convinced I’ve done it correctly (I manually marked seams on blender and everything is displayed there fine) but this is the result I get every time.

For reference this is how my blender looks but I’m not sure if that’ll help:

This is the tutorial I used to learn how to actually make the seams:

and lastly to make it clear I want the colors to match up with the actual locations of the vehicle mesh, which in this case is not happening. If anyone has any suggestions or insight (or even a simpler way of doing this) it’d be greatly appreciated!

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Did you try using SurfaceAppearance? I once had a weird shading quirk in a character mesh I imported and managed to override it by putting a SurfaceAppearance inside, then setting its ColorMap to the texture. I know this is a different issue than the one I had, but the point is, things are inconsistent in multiple ways and it’s possible that using a SurfaceAppearance will fix your issue as well.

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It did in fact change to something different, however this is still my result

Thanks for letting me know about surface appearance tho, didn’t know that was a thing until now.

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anyone have any idea? sorry for the bump it just seems that this problem only happens to me.

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I also never got this solved, I just hired someone so if a relevant answer does come up I’d also benefit from that