UX issue: Breakpoint Toggle Click / F9 should remove breakpoint instead of disable

Repro steps:
Original state:

  1. In the script editor, hover in the gutter next to the line number you want to create a breakpoint on (or put the cursor on the same line).
  2. Click to create the breakpoint (or press F9 with the cursor on the line)
  3. Click again or press F9 (expecting to delete the breakpoint)

In order to actually delete the breakpoint, you must instead right click in the gutter where the breakpoint symbol lies and select Delete Breakpoint. This is asymmetrical and confusing behavior.

Expected behavior

Observed result: Toggling the breakpoint by clicking the line or pressing F9 does not delete the breakpoint. It disables it. There is no way to delete the breakpoint in a single click. You instead have to right click and choose a menu.

Expected result: The breakpoint deletes by default when you click it.

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Thanks for the report! Just to confirm, we have a ticket filed and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

Hi LostCoordinateFrame,
In the Studio Debugger, the functionality for deleting breakpoints is mapped to the middle-click instead of left-click mouse button. This is so that users don’t delete breakpoints that have data they wanted to keep, such as breakpoint trigger conditions or log messages… It will also insert breakpoints however, so if you like both inserting and deleting breakpoints with the same button, use the middle-click button.
The way we map the F9 Button to inserting/disabling breakpoints needs work too, and it should be a key that you can map via the File->Advanced->Customize Shortcuts... window. I will keep this thread updated with that work.
In the meantime, we will explore ways to give users more control over preference of disabling or deleting breakpoints when left-clicked or toggled.