Uzi made in Blender

Imported and rigged in roblox as well, gameplay soon.


Woah This is very Realistic cant wait to see more of your model’s keep up the good work :grinning:


is this even roblox?? just wow


THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! , This Is So Very Realistic, Can’tWait To See Some Of Your Future Models :star_struck: , Keep It Up The Good Work :+1: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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WOW THAT LOOKS SO REAL! Dude you’re AMAZING I can’t wait to see your future models!

@PoptartNoahh never ceases to amaze me with their models. This is really good. :star_struck:

You sure that’s made in blender? :flushed:

Woah, looks sooo realistic, can’t wait to see more of your work! This is amazing, how long did it take you?

Amazing!! This looks sick. nice work dude

It looks like you just took a Uzi and put it on a table in a photo studio.
This feels like one of those hyper-realistic shooter games

Nice one my dud, I thought you were trolling at first

Thought it was real life for a second until I read the title.
Good work! :wink:

@KFiesh it’s modeled and rendered in a 3rd party program like Blender, not Roblox. Most likely for GFX purposes.

The model is… Wait WHAT?! It’s possible to make something like this? It looks more realistic than any other gun I’ve seen. Really detailed, nice to look at, and very well made. Can’t wait to see how it looks in the gameplay!

The only thing I’ve noticed is some noise in the second picture in the area of the shadow the gun creates.

That is really realistic, that is crazy!