Vélli: Group Recruitment Guide

When hosting a Group Recruitment Session, you need to make sure that everything is accurate

The GRP have recently upgraded to Version 4.6. If you have played GRP 4.5, you will be able to recover your data (Such as Gamepasses, Group Points, Etc).

When host a Group Recruitment Session, make sure you go to the Group Recruitment Plaza.

Please take note:

  • Junior Barista+ - Can Help/Represent
  • Shift Manager+ - Can Host/Co-Host
  • Public Relations Officer - Can Oversee

When you spawn into the game, please select the role “Business”.

When hosting a session, make sure you purchase a booth (You do not have to be at a certain booth, any booth will be fine). You can purchase a booth for 120 GP or I recommend buying the “Free Booth” gamepass for :robux_gold: 140, so you can purchase unlimited Booths without paying GP; Though this isn’t needed - Please purchase a booth yourself and do not expect anyone else to buy a booth for you. If you host a session, you fund the booth.

It is important that you use grammar at the recruitment session - You can still get demoted as this is classed as a Group Session - and that you dress in appropriate clothing (Personally, I wear a suit).

If a troller approaches your booth, simply block them from your booth by clicking your booth. You may also report the user to GRP staff on their Discord server, but you may leave doing so.

Below is the information that goes onto the booth itself - Images, Description, Colour.

Please take note, that our name gets censored out by the tags system, so make sure to add our logo!

  • Image ID: 5134176928
  • Text/Description: VéIIl is a café on Roblox Founded and created by RedLantern007 (CJ). We are working hard each day to make sure everyone has a fabulous time here at VéIIl. If anyone were to have any issues, all they need to do it contact our SHR+ team.
  • Text colour: 255, 255, 255
  • Primary Colour: 13, 105, 172
  • Secondary colour: 255, 255, 255
  • Primary Material: Plastic/Wood
  • Secondary Material: Plastic

How the booth should look:

When someone comes up to the booth, it is recommended to have a welcome message as you would at the café. An example of a welcome message would be:

  • Saltuations, we are Vélli. I am [name] and I’m a [rank] at Vélli. If you need any help, let me know.

If they just walk away do not put “…” as this makes us look bad. If someone walks away after you’ve said your welcome message, just take it with a pitch of salt and move onward.

If you do not follow our rules, you will be terminated/suspended of your role immediately.

Would you like something adding/changing, please message CJ on here, Roblox or at CJ#7297.

This was last edited on 14/06/2020

CJ | RedLantern007
Founder and CEO