V-Flip Staff Handbook

Welcome to the V-Flip Staff Handbook! As you proceed to read through this document you will come across a variety of staff rules and procedures. It is recommended that all members of the Staff Team carefully read through the beneficial information provided below. You are able to refer to this document when needed. If any unanswered questions remain, contact a member of the SHR Team or Staffing Department for further assistance.

Staff Rules

Rule 1: Professionalism

While we all love having fun there is a limit to what to can and can’t do. Being professional while in game, around allied representatives, and while in the training center is very key. This is very important because if you’re seen being unprofessional while in sight of any of these consequences might happen. Professionalism is very important if we wish to expand the community. Being professional is very important for future promotions for staffing members to look at as well. I don’t think it is needed to point out what is professional from what is not, as you all should know. If you have questions on permitted behavior, contact a Staffing or SHR member.

Rule 2: Respect

Respect is crucial. Respect I’m sure you all have heard before. Showing respect is very important in being successful at V-Flip, and must be shown in all places such as the Game, the discord, around our allies, when talking to someone, and in many other places/situations. You can’t just choose to have respect now and then you must always have respect. Respect is a very key asset in being a staff member. As for who you must show respect too? You must show respect towards everyone. Even when having a conversation in Staff Chat. What is respect? Respect is being kind and not putting down your peers. If you don’t show respect towards your fellow peers you could be striked. I believe I don’t need to get into this further. Keep in mind that when caught in a situation where another member is being disrespectful, you should not disrespect them back. Ask them to stop instead, but do not promote drama. This will prevent consequences for yourself, as arguing is highly unprofessional and will not be excused. Same goes for harassment of any sort. If you have any questions about respect you may contact a SHR or a Staffing member.

Rule 3: Appropriate Behavior

Appropriate behavior, this means you should be following all rules and procedures in the game. This is very important to show professionalism as well. This means that you shouldn’t be using sentences in caps in the Game as well as keeping a positive attitude. You should also be working well with your peers. Being inappropriate includes giving our personal information (such as your/another member’s age, location or passwords) will not be permitted. This information should be kept away from our channels and games, and exposing such information will result in consequences.

Rule 4: Sensitive Topics

This is when you talk about a topic that is not appropriate at all and can cause others distress. This is self explanatory that you shouldn’t have conversations that others either struggle with or might be scared of… (TW) Sensitive topics could involve discussing death, self harm, etc.

Rule 5: Advertising

We love growth within the community. However, we’d rather not have all of our members going around and advertising. Telling others to join a Discord server, follow a social media account, or things of that sort, are all considered advertising unless someone asks you to share information on an account or server with them. Even if so, please take that to DMs instead of having conversations about other groups/servers in our games or communication servers. Advertising, whether on Discord or in-game, will not be accepted. Keep it elsewhere, and report any behavior involving advertising to us immediately for us to take action accordingly.

Strike System

V-Flip has constructed a strike system to handle members of the Staff Team who do not follow our rules and procedures. These are logged on the communications server through a channel labeled #strike-log.

Possible reasons to receive a strike:

  • Unprofessional behavior
  • Advertising
  • Involved in/promoting arguments
  • Causing Issues within the Workspace
  • Minor AA
  • Disrespect
  • Giving Out items Without Permission,
  • Refunding Without Permission
  • Developmental leaks ( leaking updates )

Administrative Powers/Admin Abuse

Saying :cmds allows you to view your available commands. Keep in mind that certain commands are not allowed, even if the system allows you to use them. Our definition of abuse is when a MR+ with privileges takes advantage of them. There are two main forms of abuse that could take place within the group. Ranking abuse and in-game admin abuse. Both result in consequences depending on the severity.

Examples of ranking abuse:

Firing random members without a valid reasoning.

Promoting random members without a valid reasoning.

Demoting random members without a valid reasoning.

Examples of in-game abuse:

  • :Fly all
  • :name ( username ) - You’re not allowed to Name anyone Regardless of rank.
  • :pban ( username ) Evidence Must be Provided, in the Discord with the username and Violation.

About Adonis Admin:

Nobody will Have Access to Adonis Admin, Unless it’s a Developer+ or they’re Trusted by a Owner, which has to Be Approved.

Staff Tags.

Commands for Staff tags are: /e tog_on
and /e tog_off

When toggled on it will appear as:

When Toggled off:

Tags are Remained to Be Hidden, to avoid Being Detected as Staff. During Incidents, Only Validations to Turning on Tags as Staff are: Impersonation as Staff, Confronting Rule-Breaking users, Exploiters, Spammers, Roblox ToS Violators.

Staff tags aren’t meant to be Turned on when: Nothing is Occurring, Randomly at Times

Admin Panel

Limited Staff will Have Access to Shutdown Servers, Only People Permitted are: Developers, Owners.