[v1] GitHub Code Editor Themes!

❓ About

GitHub Code Editor Themes is a plugin to stylize your ROBLOX Studio's code editor to bring a GitHub theme into it with ease.

Current available themes:

  • Dark
  • Dark default
  • Dark dimmed


🎦 Previews

Plugin select theme window:




Dark default:


Dark dimmed:


Ever wanted GitHub’s code editor theme’s for your studio? Well here you go!

This plugin currently only has the dark mode themes, though other theme’s like light, colorblind, and high contrast are planned. The themes aren’t super identical to GitHub’s theme coloring towards the Lua language it self but the themes coloring are custom made/set to correspond to Luau.


This is neat, and super cute. Will definitely make use of this.

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I like how you put something that is from somewhere else, into Roblox.

Looks Nice!

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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