[v1] GuiMator make cool gui animations | Customizable | Easy

Welcome there,

I've made a module that will animate your gui! easy to config.

Part 2 is here


  • Add the module in ReplicatedStorage
  • Make your gui
  • Add a local script to it. and type the following

local module = require(game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("GuiAnimations"))


script.Parent, -- The thing you want to animate

"Fade", -- Name of the animation

6, -- Start Time of the animation

7, -- End time of the animation

3 -- Animation Speed

Animation Names
  • HappyCube
  • Woop
  • Fade
  • Anim

Get the place here: Intro.rbxl (25.2 KB)

Model: https://www.roblox.com/library/5927961378/GuiAnimations

Make sure to read “ReadMe”

more to come! this is version 1!

Each animation have unique style! If you want version 2
please stick!

Colors Depend on you! you can change you frame color…

Have a great day / night :smile:


Looks great, i’ll try it out! :+1:

V2 Features:

  • FadeIn and FadeOut
  • More Customization
  • More new animations!
  • Movable / Sizable elements ( custom position / size )
  • Make any ui Draggable smoothly.

v2: [v2] GuiMator Make Cool gui animations | Smooth | Easy

If you have any suggestions feel free to tell them here!!

V2 Sneak: