<V1.1> InstanceMatcher - Find similar instances with ease!


InstanceMatcher V1.0

InstanceMatcher is a free plugin that lets you find all instances that match a selected instance's properties, tags, or attributes

The studio explorer bar exists, but it's not very fun having to refer to a syntax guide and write out a long complicated string just to find some stuff. It's much nicer being able to just click a couple buttons

For anyone who has used PartPicker by @XAXA , this was the inspiration. This is a similar thing but for any instance - not just parts



May 1, 2024

  • Added ModelSize property

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Special thanks:


This is a powerful tool. Currently using it to check issues with my world’s meshpart & model streaming properties, at a quick glance. Thank you


Really easy to use and straight to the point. I finally don’t have to endure a 5-minute finger-scrolling exercise through workspace properties anymore!

Thank you for making Roblox Studio less of a headache. :+1:


this is exactly what i’ve been looking for. it wasn’t even a week ago I was wishing for a way to select every object in my game with a certain attribute set to a certain value and this solves that perfectly. I LOVE IT!

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This is amazing! Nice work and can’t wait to use this.

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apparently, your plugin link is broken, and I got this instead

There was a false moderation action against my account, causing my creator store links to break

It should be fixed now

Didn’t know moderation status affects plugin availability, It is now fixed

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Do you have any links to support your plugin development? I appreciate you continuing to release bangers for free, but I’d much rather buy you a coffee or something

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I earn plenty from games , so don’t worry about it. Just glad to help. Everything I make is for myself/my studio so I’m not really going out of my way/spending extra time to make this stuff


Can you add support for disabled booleans? I want to make sure if some parts are anchored in my own builds. anyways you did a great job at making this plugin

I don’t understand what you’re asking for

You know, only enabled booleans are appearing on the properties to choose. I want to check disabled booleans to make sure some parts are anchored

Can you add model size to the properties section?

Very cool! I’ve done something similar with streaming on the server where we destroy the cached object not in view and rebuild it from it’s source object.

Sure, just added that now, it shows up under misc at the top

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