[V1.1] Realistic Dynamic Lighting | Open Sourced


What’s new?

  • Added an option to choose between making the system run on the client or server (by default it now runs on the client)
  • The properties now tween instead of instantly changing


Hello everyone! Having realistic lighting can greatly impact the quality of your game, realistic lighting can help players immerse themselves better with the world you are building. While having good lighting is important for realistic games, having dynamic lighting that changes depending on the time of day would boost realism in your game by a lot!

This is why I decided to open source my simple dynamic lighting system, which changes the atmosphere & lighting settings depending on the time of day in your game.

.rbxl file:
Dynamic Lighting.rbxl (61.3 KB)
Marketplace link

Game link: (4) Isla Natura [Showcase] - Roblox
Note: Type ;time X to change the clocktime (X is for a number between 0 and 24)


If you have any questions then feel free to message me


Looks really good and can save an indie developer like me some time! Big question is how is it performance wise?

Could you provide some sort of benchmark or video comparing the difference of using it and using the default lighting features by roblox?
Its one thing having a game look good but having it run poorly for most players which is why I ask.

Hope to hear back soon!


This is incredible! Are you taking suggestions? I have some ideas that I think would allow this to have potentially more helpful features. :slight_smile:

Aside from that, thank you for this resource and your contribution to the forum! :pray:

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Sure, I got you!

I added the system to an empty baseplate and tested it on roblox. Here’s the benchmark for the game without the system (basically just the default empty baseplate):

With the system installed:
Clocktime: 07 (Sunrise lighting)

Clocktime: 19 (Sunset lighting)

Clocktime: 22 (Night lighting)

I hope this helps. Currently I’m using the system in a W.I.P game I’m making and I haven’t noticed an impact on the game’s performance from this system.


Thank you! Yes, I’m taking suggestions. Feel free to DM me or reply to this post if you want to suggest anything. :slight_smile:

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It looks good.

I do ask that when you have gotten to a decent portion of the game being built for what you’re building could you supply the same tests again just to confirm its consistent as the screen shots say?

I say this assuming the game has not much too at the moment and being pretty much a baseplate.
Hopefully you understand

The system you made is really nice and as you mentioned you are taking suggestions up above, I’ll suggest a few things:
Making it client side.
Instead of just jumping from phases, tween them for smoother transition.

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i’d go for linear interpolation instead of tweening. for example, what if player stops and/or reverses time?

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[Update] Added Version 1.1, the new changes are in the post.

Hello. I would love to have a Moon Phases feature implemented into this module. It would greatly benefit my game and make the module feel even more realistic.