V1.1.0 Update Notes - Roblox High School 2

V1.1.0 Update Notes

  • Updated Stardust - You can now craft items simply by clicking on the Stardust in your inventory, rather than having to go to a secret location
  • Updated Job Gift Box odds to make rare car parts and furniture items more likely to appear
  • Updated Graduation Gift Box odds to always award a rare item prize
  • The Club Red potion making interface can now be closed with the “E” key
  • Increased the clickable area of the Dance minigame arrows
  • Shooting stars should be fixed to not fall inside of trees (for realsies this time)
  • Fixed Wavebreaker car not being usable when you first purchase the Starter Pack
  • Fixed bug with Teleporter Remote’s cooldown
  • Fixed the School Basement to only have 1 treasure chest, in the originally intended spot
  • Fixed bug where Boombox couldn’t be used in school during weekends
  • Adjusted the Skyward Wings and increased their max speed
    • Side note: We are aware that some people are experiencing a bug where you get teleported to another location when equipping the wings. We aren’t experiencing this bug ourselves, so if you’re able to discover if there’s certain conditions that cause the bug to occur, this information would be helpful to us.
  • Fixed issues with certain parts of house exteriors not being paintable
  • Fixed an issue causing the Avatar Editor to frequently not bring up any search results
  • Fixed bug allowing banned players to briefly enter the game on their first time playing since the update
  • Fixed various errors
  • V1.1.1 (New servers) - Fixed a bug causing class minigames to start in Roleplay Mode when the Principal changed the schedule

Double XP Event!

To celebrate the release of the Graduation Update, we’re holding a DOUBLE XP EVENT this weekend!
Between Thursday, Nov. 25 (12pm ET) - Monday, Nov 29 (3am ET), you’ll be able to earn Double XP from all activities in RHS2!
(The Double XP Event bonus also stacks with Double XP Potions. So if you use Double XP Potions this weekend, you’ll have a total bonus of 4x XP instead of just 2x!)