V1PER - The Developer Toolbox [UPDATED]

[!] Any sort of resources used in this are all made by me.
[!] This has had a lot of work, dedication and investigation, this is NOT finished. This is the beta release, for my time I have been away, I’ve been working on this. Expect it soon.

(A lot of these features are not yet implemented!)

V1PER is a module created for developers, to make things much easier- Including built-in datastore systems, banning systems, admin, pre-done code, and much more!

Why V1PER?

V1PER is easy to use, and because everything is in one module, nothing is too hard to do. The documentation focuses on details, not design.


V1PER is planned to be big, so we’re also releasing plugins for a quick and easy drop in access to code, so people can easily edit code, and drop in different parts of code from the documentation!


V1PER is coming out soon, for now you can use this beta release, including;

  • Datastores,
  • Pre-done code



Restore, Revive and Heal
(Suggested by @hypnoticrunner12 )
Note: Heal has a choice to enter a 3rd/2nd argument, which would be an ammount, if none is entered or it is equal to or below zero, it will heal the user a quarter of their maximum health.


I like the idea, but I would post a topic when it is ready for release.

But, Keep working on this, It sounds nice :slight_smile:

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Seems pretty helpful. The leaderstat function definitely will be useful!

It looks like it would be useful, great work.

Script suggestion: /revive player name

The Documentation is now updated, a new theme, a overall better design, and more information! The actual resource has also updated, including a new banning system!

  • Documentation was hard to read

  • Because I had to edit it in HTML, and not use GitHub theme editing, it was harder to release updates

  • Did not include banning

  • Documentation is easier to understand, with a new theme.
  • Documentation now includes extra information, and code blocks!
  • V1PER Now has banning, which requires only two lines of code!
  • No longer written by hand using HTML, it now uses a README file to provide information, using ‘#, ##, ###, ```’ and much more!